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    Return to Uluru
Bruce Munro

(60 mins) HDTV

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British artist Bruce Munro conceived his iconic Field of Light art installation in 1994 while visiting one of Australia’s most sacred sites, Uluru, in the Northern Territories, Australia. 

Twenty-four years later, in 2016, Bruce Munro returned to the red desert in Australia for the installation of his Field of Light Uluru . Munro designed the installation to majestically illuminate the landscape that surrounds the ancient and sacred rock.

This one-hour documentary tells the story of the inspirations, exhibitions, and developments of Munro’s artistic career leading up to Field of Light Uluru.
Munro’s installation—comprising 50,000 spheres of light—marks many firsts for Munro: his first installation in Australia; his largest and most remote Field of Light to date; and his first solar-powered iteration of this artwork.

Return to Uluru is the second documentary about the inspirations and artwork of this extraordinary artist who works in the medium of light.  Return to Uluru is a natural companion to air with LIGHT Bruce Munro, both one-hour documentaries.

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