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Subiesport TV is a new series from the producer of Driving Sports. Based on a popular print magazine of the same name, Subiesport explores the unusually strong bond Subaru owners have with their cars and how that relationship shapes their lives. The main feature for each show highlights Subaru enthusiasts as they face unique and dramatic challenges along with their cars. At its core, the features will focus about the people, with the cars and the community providing a unifying element across all the stories in the ongoing Subiesport series. Filmed in a documentary-style, each episode includes multiple short subjects: including a recurring “viral” intro sequence based on a Subaru enthusiast’s idealized fantasy daily commute. This may involve sliding a car sideways through the town square, or crossing a rugged and remote mountain on the way to the office.

Feature subjects (scheduled):
• A rally team travels across the United States to compete in a Pro Rally in the memory of their deceased friend, a fellow competitor and Subaru owner.
• An enthusiast spends his life savings to modify vehicle for the car show circuit - will the judges respect his decisions?
• Can a car make a dog’s life better? Subaru owners and the dogs they love.
• The abusive relationship between a racer and his car. Set against the high-paced action of the US time attack race series. Subiesport’s launch will be supported by worldwide owner forums (over 400,000 registered members) in addition to online media and enthusiast outreach.

Why a show about Subaru enthusiasts?
Subaru owners are generally better educated, have higher incomes and participate in more outdoor activities than any other automotive owner group. It’s also one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the world. The unique diversity and loyalty of this group generate stories that appeal to a wide audience.

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