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John McLean Media Distributor of quality television programming to USA domestic and international broadcast sattellite, cable and television stations
    Biz Kid$
(71 x 30 mins) HDTV

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A show about kids, money, and business

Biz Kid$ is a fun, half-hour television series about kids, money and business. From the creators of “Disney Presents Bill Nye the Science Guy,” this ground-breaking series grabs kids by their wallets and shows them how to make and manage their own money.

The need for financial literacy and business acumen among our youth is larger now than ever before.  While kids are bombarded with mega media messages on how to be cool, fashionable, healthy and high-tech, there is very little that helps prepare them for their financial futures.  In fact, many teens leave high school, credit cards in hand, with no knowledge of even the basics for managing, borrowing or investing their money.  As a result, thousands of kids in America start their working lives already in debt.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”
 Will Smith

Using a mix of off-beat illustrations, imaginative characters, animation and music, Biz Kid$ touches on every major topic in the world of business and finance.  With characters and segments like “The Adventures of Farnsworth Fairtrade", “Fast Buck and  The King of Ka-ching”, the series teaches while walking that fine line between what adults wish their kids were watching and what they actually do.

“One day of running a business is worth a lifetime of talking about it.”
 Warren Buffett

“For, at root, money – serving as a store of value and a medium of exchange
-- is the lubricant that enables a society to organize itself to achieve economic progress”
 Alan Greenspan

Welcome to the world of business, kids!

National Emmy Awards, 2013 & 2009
Parent's Choice Gold Award, 2012
Parent's Choice Silver Award, 2011
Silver Telly Awards, Outstanding Children's Financial Literacy Education Television and Education Materials, 2010
Environmental Media Award, 2009

View an episode of Biz Kid$ Eps 601 How to Turn $100 into $1 million
Password: BKSeason6

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