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    Chickens Can Fly
(60 mins)

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If life is the canvas upon which we paint our experiences, then  the canvases of South African Artist Pieter Van Der Westhuizen reflect a life lived with boldness and extraordinary sensitivity.

From simple roots to international acclaim Pieter Van Der Westuizen’s life is caught in all its passion, heartache and truth in Chickens Can Fly. A beautiful story, beautifully told in this documentary. Chickens Can Fly is a cinematic delight filled with enthralling and poignant visuals that mirror the artists’s work and his life.

It seems fitting that an artist of such acclaim and integrity should not only be immortalized by his work, but also on fi;m. Chickens Can Fly is the moving canvas upon which Pieter Van Der Westhuizen’s magical world is presented to viewers.

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