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    Fight or Flight
(52 or 78 mins)

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Filmmaker Peter McCarthy was randomly attacked on a night out in Galway City, Ireland, leaving him badly scarred and threatening the vision in his left eye. On his recovery Peter came across an article on Muay Thai boxing in a newspaper and decided to leave Ireland for Thailand and learn how to defend himself.

Fight or Flight documents Peter’s journey over several years in Thailand as he goes from novice in Muay Thai to fighting in semi-professional bouts in arenas full to capacity around Thailand. Through the course of his experiences in Muay Thai, Peter learns that behind his compulsion to fight lies fear and ultimately a deep-seated anger that has driven him to risk his body in the ring. Fight or Flight is a compelling first person account of Peter’s journey as he tries to come to terms with the anger within him.

Fight or Flight began in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and has taken over five years to produce. The film has been described as "Something altogether different and deeply compelling". Winning multiple awards including "Best Foreign Documentary" at the the prestigous Long Island Film Festival, New York.

Hailed as one of the most psychologically in-depth movies in its genre, Fight or Flight is a "one of a kind” film that uses human violence as a platform for a deep, and at times disturbing, story. Peter J McCarthy spent over eighteen months in Thailand and together with Co-Director Shane Sutton has created a feature film which is now traveling the world. An odyssey of self discovery, it tells a universal story that is relevant to all people today.

Winner: Best Foriegn Documentary - Long Island Film Festiva, New York 2009

Winner: Best Documentary - Radar Hanburg International Film Festival 2008

Winner: Best Documentary for Artistic Expression - TVIFF FIlm Festival, California 2008

Winner: Best Documentary "Making a Difference Award" - Commffest Toronto 2008

Winner: Best Emerging Filmmaker Award - BIFF, Wisconsin 2009

Nominated for MAMA Awards, Ireland 2008, Best Documentary at BIFF Wsconsin 2008, and Best Editing at the IFTA Awards 2009.

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