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    Fishing World
(75 x 30 mins) HDTV & 4K UHD

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Fishing World brings to television the beautiful world of travel and fishing.

The series is filmed in many different locations: Oman, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Florida, Alaska, Texas, Idaho, California, Wisconsin, Romania, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Barbados, Guyana, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Cuba. We not only experienced the beauty of countries, but also fished for a variety of fish species.

Unlike many other fishing shows, Fishing World is filmed in true documentary style, which means no additional filming, no written stories about monsters, but true stories about what really happened during more than eight years of filming.

The music that is performed in the series is an important part of the show in order to emphasize the dynamics of the show's segments.

Fishing World is filmed in full HDTV with some episodes available in 4K UHD.

Watch a clip here.

Fishing World, Serbia





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