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    Megadams on the Salween
The Last Undammed River in Asia

(30 mins) HDTV




Megadams on the Salween (Thanlwin) is a film about critical choices for the new government in Myanmar over what to do with Chinese megadam projects  located in the northern and eastern ethnic states and how to solve acute energy problems in the country.

The Salween River descends from Tibet through Yunnan, enters northern Myanmar and flows through the territories of the Shan, Karenni, Karen and Mon States. The dam sites are located close to war zones amidst a faltering peace process as the Burmese army continues efforts to crush ethnic resistance.

Most of the estimated 6 million people in the area are fiercely opposed to any mega-projects that would force them to relocate from their ancestral lands and traditional livelihoods.

China was pressured by NGOs and villagers to stop all dams after an expert report by geologists warned of the danger of earthquake faults that might be triggered by dam construction. .

Ethnic NGOs are demanding that the Myanmar government cancel all five dams in harmony with the dramatic decision of China to suspend all 13 dam projects along the upper part of the Salween in Yunnan province.

The ethnic Karen people in Myanmar are also concerned to protect a wildlife sanctuary in remote jungle as an international peace park dedicated to the ecological conservation of the Salween. 

Eureka Films, Thailand

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