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    Portrait of a Serial Arsonist
(60 mins)

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    Embark on the intense investigation to catch the most terrifying serial arsonist in US history. Witness the unfolding events, the motivations and most surprisingly, the dilemma his family faced when confronted with the evidence against their son. The true story of a family faced with a heartbreaking decision. 

Basis for the CBS movie-of-the-week, "Not Our Son". Also featured on Dateline NBC. 

The Story 
As a youth, Paul Keller was fascinated by disaster, often arriving at fire scenes on his bike before the fire trucks came. He was a loner at school and a trouble maker at home. But as an adult, Keller looked like a model citizen. He was a successful advertising executive, attended church and even tried out for firefighting positions twice, narrowly missing the cut. He was well-known by local firefighters as a friend and community leader. Secretly, however he was living a life of alcoholism and deception. 

Then one night in 1992, 27-year-old Paul Keller began his reign of terror. Night after night firefighters responded to bursts of arson fires which began to develop with unnerving similarity. Community vigilantes patrolled their streets through the nights, fearful of becoming the next victims. Churches, nursing facilities, homes, warehouses, businesses; all exploded into flames with an eerie persistence. 

Arson Task Force Investigators went through one false lead after another as they relentlessly closed in on their prime suspect. Soon after they released the psychological profile and composite sketches, Paul's own family uncovered the evidence which confirmed their suspicions and cracked the case. After an intense personal struggle, Paul's father led investigators to his arrest. 

Compelling Documentary 
Portrait of a Serial Arsonist: The Paul Keller Story is a compelling true story offering the first real look inside the mind of the USís most terrifying arsonist, responsible for the deaths of at least 3 people, nearly 100 fires and damage estimated at more than $35 million. 

Embark on an intense emotional journey through the havoc wreaked on his victims and his own family. Follow the path of investigators as they unravel the mystery surrounding the series of fires in the communities he stalked. Hear victims recount the terror as flames engulfed their homes, businesses and churches. Relive one familyís nightmare as they discover that the person responsible is their own son and brother, forcing them into the most difficult moral dilemma a family could face. 

In this rare behind-the scenes production, true crime documentary producer Brian Halquist and producer/director Michael Lienau capture the unfolding events following the arrest of the arsonist through his sentencing. Hosted by Grant Goodeve (TVís Eight is Enough, Northern Exposure) this riveting documentary includes exclusive interviews with arsonist Paul Keller, his defense attorney and prosecutors, making it a powerful learning experience for viewers as they discover the surprising story of obsession and pain behind the crime of arson. 

Unique Perspective 
Most people convicted of crimes of this magnitude never admit to their guilt, and of those that do, most never tell the entire truth. Paul Keller is different. From the time of his arrest he cooperated only with authorities. He has now told the producers the details of his life: his thoughts, feelings and reasons for setting the fires. Kellerís attorney and psychiatrist have also allowed Halquist and Lienau to sit in on all of their conversations and interaction with Paul, making this documentary the most insightful and comprehensive look into the mind of a series arsonist ever produced. 




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