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    Ultimate Walt Disney World
(60 mins) HDTV

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Walt Disney World is known for its tradition, deep rooted in family entertainment all the while keeping thrill seekers coming back for more adrenaline charged adventures.  While showcasing attractions like Tower of Terror, Test Track and Mission Space, find out why they make the grade as the scariest, darkest, fastest and most classic thrills. 

Also, get an exclusive look at Disney’s newest offerings; Pandora – The World of Avatar, where you will be immersed in the story of the classic film while experiencing the latest cutting edge rides and attractions and a sneak peak at Star Wars Land, Disney’s largest-ever, single-themed land expansion featuring locations, characters, attractions and entertainent based on the beloved film franchise.

What makes these attractions the best of the best? How does Disney continue to set the standard?  By mixing today’s cutting edge technology with top-notch storytelling, guests brim with excitement while creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Hear from the creators, innovators and the critics, as this one-hour special features the ultimate in thrilling Walt Disney World attractions.

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Updated 2017
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