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    Latitudes and Attitudes
(39 x 30 mins)

Latitudes and Attitudes

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    Based on the internationally renowned monthly print magazine by the same name, Latitudes & Attitudes is a weekly 30-minute series that takes viewers on wonderfully exciting visual journeys to the most sought-after cruising destinations in the world. 

Featuring larger-than-life world cruiser Bob Bitchin, founder and publisher of Latitudes & Attitudes, the show is co-hosted by Courtney Haas, formerly of Fox Sports’ “5-4-3-2-1.” With lovely Courtney anchoring each show, we’ll join cruisers on their adventures all over the world – from the South Pacific, to the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean. 

Latitudes & Attitudes highlights real people out cruising on their own boats, as well as some of the most beautiful, pristine waters of the world. Our “Safe and Sound with Captain Jack” segment stars the entertaining and informative Jack Klang – an award-winning author and Coast Guard licensed Captain whose safe boating seminars attract standing only crowds at boat shows. In “New Design Review,” we’ll take an in-depth look at a fabulous new cruising yacht – from blue water sailboats to long range ocean-going trawlers. “I Found it at the Boat Show” demonstrates the latest and best boating gear available on the market today. Short comedy vignettes, home movies from people out cruising the world, and an “Andy Rooney” style editorial from Bob Bitchin himself rounds out the show. 
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