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    The Prize
(13 x 30 mins)

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In this documentary series, the audience goes behind the scenes and into the arena with young and ambitious athletes as they compete in their respective sports. Boxing, mixed martial arts and competitive weightlifting are all covered with dynamic male and female characters. Their vulnerabilities, their dark sides and their bright sides are exposed each week as they are tested. Story lines for The Prize run the gamut of human emotions and relationships. Viewers experience redemption, fulfillment, inspiration, the underdog, self doubt, treachery, success, failure, love, jealousy and even hatred. The show is about likable, admirable people, dealing with real situations, problems and tragedies. Sometimes they overcome them; sometimes they don’t. As The Prize unfolds, each competitor deals with inevitable obstacles, setbacks, disappointments and uncertainties.

  1. Amanda Harris (aka: Barbie Barbell): World record holder of numerous women’s power lifting records at the age of 15. She is now competing in the figure and fitness world. She is 18, gorgeous and blonde. The Prize: to win a national contest and become the youngest woman ever to get her “pro card”.
  2. Eugene Hill (aka: Mean Gene): Heavyweight Boxing Champion with over 75 amateur and professional fights. He has never been knocked down. He has a 23 -1 professional record, a smile that is reminiscent of “Mean” Joe Green and not a mean bone in his body. The Prize: to get a world title fight within the year.
  3. Mike Bronzoulis (aka: Mike the Greek): Mixed Martial Arts Champion. Mike holds several belts. He welcomes all challengers, has the “1000 yard stare” and is convinced that he is destined to be the best in the world. The Prize: A crack at the UFC Welterweight Title.
  4. Tiffany Junot (aka: Tiffany): Women’s Amateur United States and World Boxing Champion, the best in the U.S. for 3 years in a row. She has turned pro’, has just turned 30, is still “foxy”, is still single and very aware that her “clock is ticking”. The Prize: a world professional title before she retires or gets married.

Viewers are with these gladiators as they prepare and compete and either fail or triumph. Their peers and confidants become just as much a part of the story, enabling and disabling them. Occasionally they encounter an icon of their sport. Sometimes disillusioned, they remain determined to win The Prize.

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