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  Hooked on the Fly
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 It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

 Joy hunts for trouble in her home state of WI.

Join us this week as Joy searches out and finds trouble right in her own neck of the woods.  This is one episode you won’t want to miss as Joy stalks backyard critters with her bow.

Episode # 1

The Smith River, The Last Wild River in California. Part I

Chris and Ken fly fish for wild winter

Join us this week as we ply the waters of the Smith River for giant wild winter steelhead in one of the most beautiful rivers in the world as it winds its way through the Redwood National Forest. As the last undamed river in California, we herald conservation efforts for habitat sustainability.

Episode # 2

The Smith River, The Last Wild River in California. Part II

Chris with guide, Jeff Zennie, fly fish for giant wild winter steelhead

Part II has Chris fly fish in the raging waters of the Smith River after winter storms ravage the California coast. Big water, bigger steelhead, abound. Efforts to keep this gem ecologically healthy are highlighted.

Episode # 3

Keyed on Tarpon- The Migration

Chris and flats guides Sandy and Shane stalk the shallow waters of Key West for Tarpon

This week has us travel to the shallow flats off Key West in spring to stalk schooling tarpon migrating from the Caribbean and South America to spawn near the mangroves. These fish are arguably the greatest fly fishing game fish in the world. With possible climate changes and human intrusion, the Wildlife Refuge is putting their efforts into sustaining the mangrove habitat for all the creatures that dwell in the Keys.

Episode # 4

Keyed on Tarpon- Resident Tarpon

Chris sight fishes for singles, pairs, and strings of tarpon living around the mangroves of Key West.

We travel back to Key West in the mid summer when resident tarpon swim as singles, pairs, or strings near the mangroves and shallow flats. It is the ultimate in sight fishing as fly fisherman and guide poling the flats work as a team to hook the Silver King, one of the greatest game fish in the ocean. Efforts to keep track of tarpon through Florida wildlife agencies and fishermen are underway.

Episode # 5

Montana- The Beaverhead River

Chris and guide Tim wade and drift one of the best rivers in Montana for big trout with small flies.

This week has us travel to Montana on the Beaverhead River, a tailwater fishery, where guide Tim Tollett has Chris fly fishing to some hefty trout by wading or by drift boat. The flies are small and the fish are hungry. The trout in Montana are all wild and they are flourishing.

Episode # 6

Montana- The Big Hole River

Chris and guide Tim float the scenic river for some finicky trout.

Join us this week to float the scenic and personal Big Hole River as Chris with guide, Tim Tollett, fly fish for some very finicky and wary trout with thin leaders and small flies. This is a wild free flowing river, one of the few left in the US.

Episode # 7

The Skeena River of Mists

Chris and Lani Waller fly fish for the largest steelhead on earth

We travel north to Canada in British Columbia where the largest steelhead in the world migrate to spawn in the Skeena River system. We fly fish with Lani Waller, world famous steelheader, author, and conservationist. Efforts to maintain river habitat and steelhead numbers are highlighted.

Episode # 8

The Skeena River- The Sacred Headwaters

Chris travels far north to the headwaters of the Skeena River where giant steelhead lurk in shallow water.

This trip we travel to the very northern part of British Columbia where giant Steelhead spawn in very shallow water. Floating lines and dry flies can be used to entice these leviathons. First Nation natives and fishermen combine forces to bring migrating salmon and steelhead back from the brink of extinction.

Episode # 9

The Skeena River- the Upper River

250 miles of wild river allows Chris to ply waters that few dare to fish.

We venture to waters seldom fished to find ourselves in the wilds of Northern British Columbia fly fishing for the largest steelhead in the world. Concerned inhabitants join together to save these fish.

Episode # 10

Jurassic Lake- The Road from Hell to a Lake from Heaven.

Chris and Christer travel a road less driven to fly fish for huge Rainbow Trout.

Ten hours of hard driving, and we find ourselves in the middle of the Patagonian Pampas at a lake where the largest rainbow trout in the world thrive. We fly fish in all different ways and conditions and hook and land the largest trout we have ever seen. Sustainable resources are highlighted.

Episode # 11

Rio Gallegos-Giant Sea-run Brown Trout in Skinny Water.

Chris and Christer fly fish a river that can only be described as the one in your dreams for giant Sea-run Brown Trout

How does shallow gin clear water, free flowing with consistent meandering currents, and giant Sea-run Brown Trout eager to crush a small fly with floating lines, sound? The Rio Gallegos qualifies as the answer to the call. Chris and Christer ply the incredible waters of this river to hook these giant silver bullets on a fly.

Episode # 12

New Zealand-  South Island Part I

Chris travels down under to Kiwi country to sight fish for big trout.

Chris and Kiwi guides fly fish for big trout in gin clear waters in the South Island of New Zealand. The mode of travel is helicopter to get into the remote bush for wild trout. The island nation is beginning to suffer from an ever increasing population and the demands forced upon her. Efforts to keep this beautiful country ecologically healthy, are highlighted.

Episode # 13

The Best of Hooked on the Fly


Chris recounts the season of great fly fishing, conservation efforts, wonderful people, and beautiful settings in his travels all over the world to fly fish for some of the greatest game fish in each locale.



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