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    Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen
(65 x 30 mins) 

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    Making Every Meal a Celebration

Italian chef Nick Stellino invites viewers to savor the pleasures of the kitchen and the family table in every epiosde of Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen. INick shares his love of family and good food, demonstrating innovative yet easy-to-prepare culinary creations that evoke the traditions of his native Sicily. 

In Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen, Nick introduces home cooks to recipes for delicious meat, poultry, seafood and pasta dishes, and tempting desserts. The dishes are elegant yet quickly prepared, using affordable ingredients that can be found at most supermarkets. These meals will turn your home into your favorite restaurant. 

In each program, Nick demonstrates two recipes in their entirety, step by step. He also shares useful tips for preparation and presentation, along with warm personal stories that recall the family kitchen of his childhood. 

In teaming up for Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen, Nick Stellino and KCTS Television are continuing a successful relationship that began in 1994, when Stellino came to the Seattle public television station to tape the first season of the Mediterranean cooking and dining series, Cucina Amore. Within a year of its 1995 debut, Cucina Amore became one of the most popular food programs on U. S. television, and ultimately was ranked as US public television's number-one "how-to" series (Nielsen, January 1998). In 1999, Stellino hosted the PBS special, Nick Stellino's Dinner Party, a lively culinary tour of three American cities produced by KCTS. 

Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen airs on US public television stations. The series is a co-production of KCTS/Seattle Public Television and Stellino Productions. 




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