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    Mad About Marriage
(13 x 30 mins) HDTV

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Hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker are marriage experts that discuss problems facing couples today.  Guests include other relationship experts, regular couples and  celebrity couples including Lou & Carla Ferrigno, Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White, Della Reese and her husband Frankin Lett, America’s Favorite daytime couple Bill & Susan Hayes and more.  All aspects of marriage are covered, from the long-term successes to the lowest moments of infidelity and abuse.

“Mad About Marriage” attacks the "big" issues that have a destructive effect on marriage. Some problems are easily identified, but many of the most destructive may be present in marriages without couples recognizing their existence.  Couples struggle along, trying unsuccessfully to create a positive relationship, not realizing why they can’t achieve marital bliss. It's important for the success of the marriage to identify and deal with negative issues and “Mad About Marriage” uses current research and the expertise of scholars, authors and psychologists to offer solutions to these problems for viewers to use in their relationships.

A wide range of topics are covered on the show including “Who’s the Boss in Your Marriage?”, “How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It”, “Relationship Myths”, “Dealing with Infidelity” and many more.  Couples interviews offer insight into how they worked through problems in their own marriages and celebrate keeping the love alive in their relationship.  Hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker also teach two-day marriages seminars around North America helping couples solve problems in their own marriage.

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