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The pursuit of love occupies more of our lifetime than most of us would care to admit. This need for companionship is a force that has driven all societies since the dawn of man. And since the dawn of man, there have been matchmakers.
The documentary MatchMakers explores the social history of matchmaking.

Featured is the story line of computer geek Scott Rose along with several single women, men, and couples that have either found or are looking for their perfect match by means of matchmaking services. The film traces the contemporary history of matchmaking as a business, starting with the professional services of the 1980’s and the psychoanalytical profiling and university studies that gave rise to modern dating services.

Indeed, it is a very big business. MatchMakers also features some of the largest online dating services such as From a Russian bride agency to an arranged marriage in India, MatchMakers tells all. Interviewed are notable sociologists, authors, and other experts in their respective fields who shed light on this cultural phenomenon.

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