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Silver Lining
Through Grief To Growth
(60 mins) HDTV 

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Silver Lining is a one-off studio based panel discussion, centered around interviews with the siblings of the six students & teacher who died whilst on a routine school trip to the Mangatepopo River in New Zealand in 2008 (The subject of our previous documentary Jumping in Puddles). Using this tragedy as an example, the programme unpicks the grief journey, asking the key question: how can something so devastating really have a Silver Lining? Turning the conventional approach to tragedy on its head, Silver Lining explores personal growth through difficulty, leaving viewers with a sense of encouragement and hope during what is often a seemingly hopeless situation.

Silver Lining is hosted by Petra Bagust (TVNZ, Breakfast), joined by a panel including veteran broadcaster and parenting guru Ian Grant, counseling expert Christ Hight and school principal/2010 New Zealander of the Year, Murray Burton.

How do a group of teenagers who have had their world blown apart come through stronger, more passionate about their dreams and with wisdom that far exceeds their years?

The central theme is the journey from grief to growth.
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