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    New Orleans Live
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New Orleans Live is a music performance television series celebrating the incredible diversity of musical genres emanating from the birthplace of Jazz and the cradle of American popular music. 

The series draws on deep historical roots but presents a contemporary and forward looking snapshot of the flavorful musical gumbo that is New Orleans.

With dynamic performances and a visual buffet of compelling images, New Orleans Live puts viewers into the singular experience that is the Crescent City.

This series, just like any great restaurant will expand your musical tastes while ensuring that old favorites will never disappoint, whether its Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop or Rock.

New Orleans Live features artists that are on the cusp of major stardom and many undiscovered talents that are diamonds in the rough.

If you love music and revel in the energy of live performances, this series will completely satisfy your craving for an authentic musical experience. 

New Orleans is known around the world for hosting millions of visitors each year and providing memorable experiences centered around music, food, and fun. New Orleans Live distills those experiences and serves them to viewers on a platter of one hour episodes featuring three diverse musical acts performing before an appreciative live audience. You’ll get to know these musical artists and understand the passion and purpose that drives them.

Each episode also includes a brief music related story that gives viewers just a little more context for appreciating the unique culture that is the lifeblood of America’s original music city. Season 1 of New Orleans Live contains 14 one hour episodes that collectively traverses the broad spectrum of contemporary American music. 

The New Orleans Live series features amazing performances from artists like Ivan Neville and Dumpstaphunk, Grammy winning Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, Jason Marsalis, Raw Oyster Cult, Shammar Allen & the Underdogs, and Sweet Crude among many other artists. In all the series  features 43 incredible bands echoing the same guiding belief that with New Orleans Live, “its all about the music.” 

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