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    Destination: Baja Sur
(25 x 30 mins) HDTV

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DESTINATION: BAJA SUR is a travel / fishing / adventure series where viewers are taken on an exciting on-road, off-road, inshore and offshore journey up and down the Southern half of Mexico's Baja peninsula.

Host, Bill Boyce and his crew tow the 25’ BAJA BANDIDO down the entire Baja peninsula to showcase the Sea of Cortez, and weigh anchor in numerous historic and picturesque ports such as Loreto, Bahia Danzante, La Paz, Puerto Los Cabos, and Cabo San Lucas to bring viewers into the exciting world romanticized by authors like Ray Cannon and Steinbeck.

In Season Two , Bill incorporates the 160’ mother ship, Pacific Provider into the production as a center of attraction. The Pacific Provider decks host to 2 Center Console fishing boats as it travels the entire length of Baja’s Pacific coast, filming several remote locations then venturing around the tip of lands end.

The series main objective is to showcase the mystique, rugged beauty, and bountiful waters of the Baja, while consistently giving viewers the message of the safe travel conditions, the amazing food, historic culture and the hospitable people who truly enjoy making everyone feel at home in theirs… Mi Casa/Su Casa.

Season Two brings “Baja Sur” into millions of living rooms, enticing viewers to plan their next journey to Baja Sur and discover firsthand the treasures this magical place has to offer.

Hosted by Bill Boyce. (see also IGFA Angler's Digest)

Telly Award winner.

Watch a clip here.

William Boyce Productions, USA



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