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    Wings Over Grand Canyon
(60 mins) HDTV

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Wings Over Grand Canyon is an unprecedented flight of discovery.  Using the celebrated Cineflex Camera System, Producer/Director Graham Gawne and acclaimed aerial cameraman John Trapman, have re-discovered the complete Grand Canyon series of magnificent landscapes, and presented them in a all-new fresh and exciting presentation.

This aerial journey covered 1500+ miles to capture everything in this break-through production.  A production that follows the original route of American explorer John Wesley Powell & his team, who rode the mighty Colorado River that carved the canyons we see today.  This “river of power” takes the audience into landscapes of magic and mystery, many seen this way for the first time. Beginning near Colorado itself and carving its way southwest, the Colorado River created Arches & Canyonlands National Parks, a little-seen and stunning set of ‘rockscapes’.  Winging over regions where few dare to fly, the aerial team reveals amazing Lake Powell, known as the world’s most beautiful lake, with its 2000 miles of breathtaking shoreline, islands & channels.

Wings swoops over the stunning Marble Canyon, a giant crack in the Earth, then enters into the magnificent South Rim, the grandest and most well-known part of the Grand Canyon, for an unprecedented look at this famous landscape.  Next, they fly deep into the Little Colorado River George, revealing a secret river of magical beauty for a mesmerizing 4 minute, uninterrupted flight through one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Viewers feel like they’re soaring above the majestic North Rim, to reveal an unexpected surprise & astonishingly different landscapes. In a powerful finale, the flight of discovery descends into the bottom of the mile-deep canyon itself, for a flight right through the steep gorges of the West Rim and out to Lake Mead – a flight never before captured this way.

Available in 7 narrative languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Korean.

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