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  Crossing South
(78 x 30 mins) HDTV
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101 Tacos, Beer, Horses & Soccer
Welcome to Crossing South, a new show that explores Northern Baja. In this pilot episode, Jorge starts off enjoying a selection of tacos. Next he takes a ride on some Spanish show horses. Afterwards he learns about the beer fermenting process and samples fine beverages at TJ Beer. Lastly the Professional Tijuana soccer team, the Xoloitzcuintles, give interviews at practice time and a fantastic show at game time to win the championship.

102 Bike Race, go-carts, r/c airplanes, & food
Follow Jorge as we experience the famous Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Race and its colorful riders. Then see the little known and secluded Rincon Tropical resort with a mini-zoo, go carts, and beautiful scenery. Then follow Jorge as he has a ball at the R/C airplane field where we see local aviation enthusiasts maneuver their remote control airplanes. And finally take a visit to Suzanne’s restaurant, an American experience with a foreign flavor. Watch as Jorge goes into the kitchen and tries to make and successfully eat a delicious meal.

103 Baja 500 & ziplines
This Episode is all about Ensenada. The internationally famous Baja 500 is quite the event. Jorge takes us to see it and talk to the participants and organizers. Then head out to the Las Cañadas Campground where Jorge flies high across zip-lines and crosses treacherous hanging bridges on the canopy tour. Then experience the ATV ride on mountain trails. Finally, return back to downtown Ensenada where we learn how to fillet a fish at the famous Ensenada fish market.

104 Valle De Guadalupe Wine Country
In this episode, we’ll visit the famous wine country of Baja. Valle de Guadalupe is just North of Ensenada and is the Napa Valley of Mexico. Visit the harvest festival, wine taste at Adobe Guadalupe Winery, get to know the winery owners, and learn about the Russian history behind it all.

105 Skyline, Sweets, Fair & Fancy
In this episode, we take a look at a famous new skyscraper in Tijuana and interview the architect. Host Jorge Meraz then has a ball at the Tijuana Fair riding the rides and eating the foods. Later, we go to a music festival for the young TJ locals. And lastly, Jorge cooks with the chef at La Querencia making “Baja Med” cuisine, drinking rattlesnake tequila, and eating freshly hunted wildlife.

106 Crooner, Tigers, Drinks & Food
Jorge hangs out with the Tijuana Opera and listens in as the company rehearses for their next show. Then he cooks and samples food from Mujeres Divinas Restaurant. Next he visits the Caliente Racetrack and zoo and gets a rare chance to hold a baby tiger. After the tigers, Jorge explores the hands-on science museum called El Trompo. Lastly, Jorge enjoys a meal at a hole in the wall burrito joint.

107 San Felipe and Tecate
Let’s visit San Felipe on the inside coast of Baja. See the giant Cactus, drink a margarita, and hang out with the guys at the golf course. Next head northwest to Rancho La Puerta Spa. Voted by Travel and Leisure magazine as the #1 destination spa in the world, we had to check it out. Meet the 86 year old founder Deborah who takes us around. Jorge receives royal spa treatment and a facial.

108 Ultralights, Baja Studios, Lobster
Follow host Jorge Meraz as he takes an incredible ultralight airplane ride high and above Rosarito Beach. Then check out the Famous Baja Studios where they filmed the movie Titanic. It is in fact the largest aquatic studio in the world. Next Jorge has a feast of lobster at Puerto Nuevo, as well as a sample of a few other little edibles.

109 Turista Libre
Jorge rides along with a fun tour company called Turista Libre. We go on a Calafia Bus with some other american tourists to see what the locals do. The first stop is Mercado Hidalgo which is a large local market in Tijuana. Then we go to Mundo Divertido to ride roller-coasters and other interesting rides.

110 Zonkeys & Polka
Let’s get to know the Tijuana Professional Basketball team called the “Zonkeys”. Watch as Jorge attempts to take on the pro players 1 on 1. Later, we try a traditional Mexican sandwich called the “Torta”. Lastly Jorge hangs out with a quirky gypsy polka band from Tijuana called “Ballenas de Jonas”.

111 Zoo & Brew
Holding birds, and feeding hippos are just some of the interesting things to do at the Mexicali Zoo. You gotta love how you can interact with these animals South of the border. We also sample beer at the Cucapa Brewery, and eat good food at Las Campanas restaurant. Lastly, we cool off from the Mexicali heat with a refreshing “Raspado” Ice treat.

112 Rappel & Baseball
Jorge is afraid of heights, so wait until you see the look on his face as he faces the task of tossing himself over the side of a 5 story building to rappel down like a swat team in a movie. And if there is one thing to do in Mexicali, it is to sample the amazing Chinese cuisine. Next we hang out with the baseball team “Las Aguilas” and lastly sample some goodies at the Restaurant/Taco stand “Las Brasas Asadero”.

113 Mexicali & San Felipe
As we move South away from the city of Mexicali, we reach the Hardy River. It is actually the Mexican side of the Colorado River, and we follow Jorge as he takes a boat ride and later Kayaks all around. Then we continue on to San Felipe where we meet the fisherman and take an ocean boat ride. Later we visit the hot springs and sample the tasty seafood available in the region.


201 Cecut & Caesar Salad
Cecut is the main museum and cultural center of not only Tijuana, but of Baja California. Jorge shows us around and gets in touch with the artistic and historical side of things. Afterward, Jorge samples the famous Caesar salad at the restaurant it was first invented at, right in Tijuana.

202 Horse Ride & Dine
Get ready to saddle up and head into some beautiful countryside just south of Rosarito. We join our friends from “All the Pretty Horses of Baja Rescue” to go on a horse-ride like in the old days. And after exerting ourselves, we stop by Tapanco, a famous little place that serves some unique plates of food.

203 Bahia de los Angeles
We go to the “Natural Sea-World” at Bahia de Los Angeles, where we go fishing, snorkeling, and searching for the famed whale shark. Among colorful fish and playful sea lions, swimming with the whale shark is an unforgettable experience. Next we eat seafood from the region at a local restaurant.

204 San Quintin Seafood Farming
San Quintin, a town 5 hours south of the border on the Pacific, is well known for its seafood farming. We start off by checking out an Oyster farm. Learn about farming process, Jorge tries eating a raw oyster and has lots of fun. Next we visit a relatively new Abalone Farm. We learn all about Abalones, and check out all the different tanks with different sized creatures from baby to adult. We see a separate algae food farm for feeding the Abalone, and even see a lobster and some clams that are a future farming project. Next we head North to La Bufadora in Ensenada. See the natural ocean geyser phenomenon, and chat with a visitor.

205 Ensenada Fishing
Captain Sammy takes us out to go Deep Sea Fishing, Dolphin watching, and finally a harbor tour of Ensenada Bay. Next we try some world class seafood at a humble food cart called “La Guerrerense”, and more, on this episode of Crossing South.

206 San Pedro Martir Observatory
Get ready to explore the national observatory of Mexico on the mountains of Baja. Jorge talks with a Mexican scientist doing research on galaxies. We also observe the deer and coyote wildlife as well as take a hike through the redwood forests surrounding the telescopes. Coming back, we visit the Meling Ranch where Jorge learns about the history of the area and attempts to hunt soda cans.

207 Guerrero Negro Whale Petting
There is something very special that happens in Baja every year. Thousands of whales migrate here each spring where it makes for some of the best whale watching on earth. Follow Jorge as we check out Guerrero Negro, where we not only see the whales, but pet them! We also get a chance to visit the largest salt mine on earth that happens to be in the same town.

208 Sandboarding and Hunting
Today on Crossing South we go to the Northeast corner of Baja California where we sand-board down the sand dunes in the small town of Algodones, discover a dessert oasis called Cañon de Guadalupe, and finally go hunting in the farm country to the South of Mexicali.

209 Mexicali & Tecate
Today, we try a zip-line at the city park, meet an off-road race organizer, try some beer at El Zume pub, discover the natural wonder of La Rumorosa, play in the snow, and eat sweet bread in Tecate.

210 Race cars, French Food, & Architecture
Host Jorge Meraz tests out race cars, tries some exquisite French Cuisine, and learns about an architectural wonder of a hotel in the Baja wine country called “Encuentro Guadalupe”

211 Sailing & Jams
Sailing is something loved by many in Baja. Follow along as Jorge meets a sailboat racing team in Ensenada and later gets some hands-on fun with Gary the friendly captain. Later we meet Doña lupe who shows us her vineyard and selection of delicious jams.

212 Mountain Bikes & Cheese
There are a number of mountain biking enthusiasts in Baja, let’s get to meet them and see what they can do. Watch as they charge down hills, with an occasional fall here and there. Next we travel to Ojos Negros where we can sample the famous cheese and learn about how it is made. Lastly Jorge samples food at the “La Cava de Marcelo” Restaurant.

213 Kayaks & Kumiai
Come on-board a kayak with us as we check out the La Bufadora ocean geyser South of Ensenada. See the natural beauty of the surrounding Punta Banda peninsula as Jorge hikes around. Finally, we meet the true natives of Baja at the San Antonio Necua Kumiai Community.


301 Estero Beach & Tomatoes
Today we visit Estero beach on the south side of Ensenada. Jorge tries a jet ski for the first time, as well as tests the atv track nearby. Later we learn some history at a small museum and taste some traditional Mexican food. Lastly, we head to San Quintin to learn about tomato farming. Arturo Rodriguez shows us around the greenhouse at Los Pinos farms.

302 Tijuana Lifeguards
The lifeguards in Tijuana are reported to be the best trained & well equipped in all of Mexico. Follow along as Jorge gets to know them and the history behind these aquatic heroes. In our visit here at “Playas de Tijuana”, we learn about beach safety, as well as observe a real-life rescue that occurs while we are filming. Lastly, watch as Jorge attempts to keep up with everybody at the lifeguard training facility.

303 Seaside Eating & Golf
Just south of Rosarito we find some restaurants worth visiting. First is Paradise Cove Hawaiian food with a bit of Aloha South of the border. Next comes Splash which delivers great food with a fantastic ocean splashing in the background. Last, Jorge visits the Bajamar Golf Course where he gets a golf lessons and meets a Tijuana Native Golf Champion.

304 Swap Meet
It doesn’t cost admission, but it is definitely entertaining. With all sorts of things to see, food to eat, and junk to buy, the Tijuana swap meet is a must do. Follow Jorge as he learns about treasure hunting from somebody who has spent years visiting Mexico swap meets. Hidden treasures are going to be found! Later watch as Jorge tastes the delightful food and desserts that can be found.

305 Baja Technology & Art
Today we visit the “Tijuana Innovadora” event which showcases all the industry, innovations and technology going on South of the border. After learning about the cars, video games, and other interesting things, follow along as Jorge visits one of TJ’s favorite taco places, “El Mazateño”. Lastly, we get meet the creative & talented local artists at the art expo called “Entijuanarte”.

306 Surfing & Poco Cielo
Watch as host Jorge Meraz faces his fears, and learns how to surf just south of Rosarito. His instructor, the “Surf Diva,” helps him build his confidence and guides him into the waves. Afterwards, Jorge explores the Poco Cielo bed and breakfast nearby. After exploring the “cute” rooms, Jorge replenishes some of those calories he burned while surfing.

307 La Justina & Culinary School
In this episode, host Jorge Meraz breaks his own advice and heads to Revolution Avenue in Tijuana. Not to purchase crummy souvenirs, but to visit La Justina, a trendy restaurant co-owned by an American chef. Chef Chad White is an interesting character, with a tasty menu. Later, we visit Tijuana’s Culinary Art School. Discover a main source of the amazing culinary scene hitting Baja as we talk with the owner and take a short tour.

308 Food Garden & Tequila
Did you say Food Garden? Sounds like a perfect place for Jorge. A literal garden of wonderful meals in a gourmet food court waiting for Jorge to taste every last dish. Next we go to the Tijuana Tequila Expo. This is an annual event that showcases a traditional Mexican drink. Jorge does some tasting research, and falls in love with some of the sweet mixed versions.

309 Tequila Town
One of the great things Mexico brings to the world is it’s tequila. Our research would not be complete with out a 2,000 mile trip to Tequila, Jalisco. Follow along as we visit the town who gave the drink it’s name. Learn about the Tequila-making process at the Jose Cuervo factory and learn the right way to taste this drink.

310 Liga MX Xolos Soccer
Let’s get to know the famous Mexico Soccer league called “Liga MX”. To help us explore this famous soccer league of Mexico, we visit the Xolos Tijuana Soccer team. Watch as Jorge trains with the pros, does weightlifting with the official fitness coach, and tours the upgraded Tijuana stadium. Finally, follow along as we travel by plane with the Xolos to play against the Chivas at the Omnilife stadium in Guadalajara. Enjoy full back stage access like you never have before!

311 Taco Tour
Jorge is in his zone, his taco zone that is. We start off with some traditional Birria tacos in the morning. Next we go taste the oddly common tongue tacos (tacos de lengua). Next up is tasting tacos with cuts of meat from the sizzling pile of rotating meat on a stick called adobada. Finally we go through a large selection of bizarre tacos at tacos Kokopelli.

312 Fausto Polanco
Art comes in many shapes and styles. In the case of Fausto Polanco, his art is in the form of furniture. Learn about how traditional woven materials from southern Mexico are integrated into his creations. Jorge even tries to help Fausto finish some furniture in his wood shop. Next, we investigate a possible archaeology site where some interesting things have been found. Lastly, we visit La Resaka seafood joint where we taste some fancy shrimp tacos and ceviche

313 Coffee and Anthropology
Entrepreneurs are starting cool little businesses. One is a coffee truck in Tecate, where beans are imported from far away places like Central America. Some scrumptious food is also on the menu. Next is a visit to the special Kumiai museum. Anthropologist Mike tells us all about the plants, weapons, foods, and traditions of these true Baja California natives.


401 Bikes, Pizza & Music
Tijuana Bike Tours takes Jorge and friends on a ride down Revolution ave. We learn how bike riding is a great way to see the city without having glass between you and everything else. Next we taste some culinary goodies, including Pizza, at Hornero restaurant. Lastly we meet Pablo Dodero, the musician behind Late Night Howl. We learn about his motivations as well as enjoy hearing him play.

402 Rancho Ojai, Tecate Beer, Asao
We enjoy a trip outside of town at Rancho Ojai. A quaint little getaway with cabins, pool, bikes, and miniature golf. Next we move back into the town of Tecate, and visit the famous Tecate Beer factory. This beer was named after this town, so we had to check it out. Finally we visit a restaurant that everybody was telling us about, Asao, which actually means “Food” in Kumiai.

403 The History of Football in Baja
Did you know that organized American football has been played in Mexico since the days of leather-head helmets? Discover Baja's gridiron legacy first-hand with Jorge as he explores the history of the sport in this region, profiles the storied collegiate team Cetys Osos (Bears), and chats with Justin Mckenzie, president of the newly formed football arena league in Baja.

404 Camels, Jetpacks, & Laja
Oh boy, just when you think it can’t get any more adventurous than riding a camel on the beach, Joe from Rosarito Ocean Sports lets us in on some extreme watersports action. Join Host Jorge Meraz as he rides a water-powered jet pack for the first time. It’s no easy task for a show host afraid of water, sharks, and heights. Next, we sit down and have a bite to eat at the famous Laja Restaurant

405 Rosarito Beach Hotel & Scuba
Join Jorge Moraz as he tours the most famous hotel of Baja with Hugo Torres, the Father of Rosarito. A fascinating person, Torres has been Mayor several times and is the owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Learn more about his hotel and the history of the region that dates back to before WWII. We then learn about the beautiful Coronado Islands off the coast, and all the wildlife found below the surface. Afterwards, Jorge takes a scuba diving lesson with a young scuba diving expert.

406 Villa del Valle
On this episode, Host Jorge Meraz explores Villa del Valle, an establishment in Valle de Guadalupe. While there he learns Yoga with the founder, learns about wine making processes, and dines out at “Corazon de Tierra” -- a top-rated restaurant in the area.

407 Cuatro Cuatros
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to go on an African Safari? Jorge Meraz does. Join our host as he camps it out in style. But this isn’t Africa, this is Baja's wine country. Camping, dining, zip-line, and even a visit to what could possibly be the most scenic bathroom of Baja. Next we check out a small time vineyard owned by a local called Minas del Valle.

408 Baja Orchestra & Alma Verde
Have you ever dreamed of waving that little wand in front of a professional orchestra? Enjoy such an experience vicariously through Jorge as he gets to meet the Baja Orchestra. We chat with the director, the musicians, the youth symphony, and more. Music is a beautiful thing, and we get to explore the musicians that give a cultural touch to Tijuana. Afterwards, we wash down all that musical education with an organic meal at the Alma Verde restaurant.

409 Food Trucks and Trash
On this episode, join Jorge Meraz as he discovers some of the finest cuisine imaginable aboard Tijuana’s extremely popular food trucks. These meals on wheels are taking Mexico by storm. Join Jorge as he partakes in a variety of fun dining experiences at 10 different trucks without having to re-park! Then follow along as we meet with an engineer from the United Nations who is helping the poor communities of Tijuana. He is helping repurpose old tires and trash into building materials to create recreational areas, retaining walls, and more, through a program called Alter Terra.

410 The Art of Baja
There is so much to love about the art community in Rosarito. Meet a glass carving genius who uses sand blasting techniques he invented himself, then see some traditional and non-traditional paint and brush techniques; and lastly, meet a real life sculptor who creates wax and clay models that transform into metal masterpieces.

411 Indian Food
Host Jorge Meraz meets a man from India who opened up the first Punjabi Indian Restaurant of its kind in Baja. Ramesh Kumar has made Tijuana his home and enjoys sharing the flavors of India with the community. Jorge partakes in the delicious cuisine, using his hands instead of a fork. Later, we meet Ramesh’s family and play a game of Cricket.

412 Wine Ride & Morroxican Food
There is always more to be discovered in Baja’s wine country. Host Jorge Meraz saddles up on horseback for a wine valley tour and afterwards freshens up with some wine tasting and conversation at Via de Frannes, a family-owned winery. Then Jorge indulges in some cross cultural cuisine at the Mi Casa Supper Club. Learn how Chef and owner, Bo Bendana, brought Morocco cuisine to Mexico.

413 Baja Craft Beer Tour
San Diego is known as a craft beer capital, but Tijuana is catching on - Host Jorge scopes out the local businesses, beer bloggers, and home brewers. We interview the owners of two different popular breweries Wendlandt and Cerveceria Insurgente, bottle a beer in the home of craft brew enthusiast, and talk with the locals on this budding scene. Beer, beer, and more beer...that’s the theme of this very bubbly episode.


501 Waterpark & Baja Burger
The word is getting out about a new Tijuana water park called “El Vergel”. The park recently installed a ridiculous launch ramp called the Slip n’ Fly. Will Host Jorge Meraz be brave enough to take the plunge? Find out! Afterwards, we warm up with a meal at Baja Burgers with some tasty meaty bites.

502 Parque del nirio Jersey Zoo
Host Jorge Meraz visits a zoo located between Rosarito and Ensenada, called the Parque del Niño Jersey Zoo. We get up close and personal with the exotic animals and  feed the monkeys, the tigers, and a camel that likes to stick his tongue out. Later, we learn about the growing number of expats residing in Baja and how they live.

503 Tuna Farm & Baja Pig
Explore an amazing underwater world just beyond the Baja coastline. Host Jorge Meraz takes a deep sea dive into an Open Water Aquarium and swims with a large school of tuna. These tuna are bred to be sold at top dollar in Japan and beyond. We learn how the fish are fed and caught. Next, we visit the Baja Pig Restaurant to try a japanese mexican fusion dish and carnitas and veggies.

504 Artisanal Coffee
The smell of Artsy Fartsy coffee has spilled over the border into Mexico. We interview, we taste, we enjoy. It used to be hard to find anything but instant coffee south of the border, but now, we are exploring some of the finest coffee spots in Tijuana. Then, we feast on some high end tacos at Tacos la Carreta.

505 Polo & Oryx
One of the oldest games that is still around, Polo is being played in Baja California. We meet an enthusiastic family who play the game of kings on horseback. Watch as Jorge takes a whack at it in a friendly game. Then we head to Tijuana where we meet chef Ruffo at the Oryx restaurant. We are blown away when his mac n’ cheese dish takes the trophy.

506 Train to Tecate & Verde Crema
Jorge takes the unique tourist train-ride from Tijuana to Tecate. Once in Tecate, there’s a nice little festival with little foods to taste and things to see. On the way back to Tijuana, the mariachi play us a few tunes right aboard the train. Next, we get to have a few nice plates of food at Verde Crema.

507 El Cielo & Montefiori wines
Join us as we visit the disneyland of the Mexico Wine country, El Cielo Winery. They have packaged up a nice little tour, tractor ride, restaurant, and hotel to give the visitor a nice experience. Next, we meet Paolo at Monte Fiori vineyard. This Italian has the that special artistic touch to make incredible wine.

508 Orphans & Casa Mayoral
Jorge meets the director of Rancho de los Ninos orphanage in Baja California, and learns how they are trying to break the broken-family cycle. Our heart goes out to the children as we see helping hands from San Diego bring needed supplies and love. Next we meet a charming couple who run Casa Mayoral, a bed and breakfast outside of Ensenada.

509 Children's Hospital & Dentistry
Some people are making the world a better place. We meet a woman who helped to found a hospital for disadvantaged children in Tijuana. We interview her and take a tour around this world class facility. On the topic of healthcare, Jorge wants to learn more about the medical tourism we hear a lot about, dentistry being top on the list.

510 Baja Rancho La Bellota
A classic ranch adventure outside of Tecate. Horses, guns, and fun.
On this adventure, we are truly off the grid like that city-slicker movie. This horse ranch takes you back in time, to a simpler time before cell phones and computers. We get to ride horses around the 2,800 acre property, shoot clay pigeons, and enjoy the real Baja landscapes. And we meet the lovely couple behind it all, Raul & Caroline Aguilar.

511 Art at the Ranch
Art classes inspired by horses and nature at the ranch.
We get to have an artistic adventure today. Watercolor, photography, clay pottery, and more. We see the works of talented artists and enjoy the experience along with Jorge as he gets to participate in a hands-on class. Look out for that flamethrower inside the pottery oven!

512 Border Crossing & Barber Shop
We explore the San Ysidro border crossing, and have a visit to a Tijuana barber shop.
Today, we get to visit the busiest border land crossing in the world right here in Tijuana! We get to talk with the boss himself, Officer Aki, who oversees the San Ysidro border. He gives us the lowdown on the border and how to make crossing it a smooth experience. Learn about the sentri pass program that helps reduce traffic and wait times. Next, we explore a new trend in Tijuana, men’s barber shops. Watch as Jorge is transformed from clown to movie star with a slick new hairdo and facial treatment at "Calicuts."

513 UTV’s, Skateboards, & Pasta
We go on an Off-road adventure tour, meet a skateboard maker, and have a meal at Pasta y Basta italian food in Rosarito.
Get ready for an off-road adventure for the masses. Jorge gets to join a tour group that takes their off road UTV vehicles for a spin on the South side of Ensenada. We take a trail that leads to the beach where we get to race around and do donuts at sunset. Next we meet Norman Tucker from Fu Manchu skateboards who shows us how he is making skateboards for the Mexico market. Finally, we meet Chef Christian Gritti from Pasta Y Basta who gives Jorge the full selection of authentic Italian cuisine in Rosarito.


601 Ensenada Beer Festival & Taco Grande
We visit the largest beer festival in Mexico and find a fantastic taco stand in Tijuana.
Little did we know that the United States Consulate in Tijuana promotes cross-border activities and events. Namely, the Ensenada Beer Fest! Let’s check it out, because it is said to be largest beer festival in Mexico. We interview the organizer and sample some of the contest winning brews. Next, we find the golden nugget of tacos at a simple street stand in Tijuana. Low price, huge size, and tons of guacamole makes these some of the top carne asada tacos in the city.

602 Hollywood Music & Crepes
We meet a real-life hollywood music composer and try some wonderful desserts at Creperia Polanco.
Today, we meet Mark Killian from South Africa. He lives outside of Rosarito, and composes music for Hollywood movies. He came to Baja to get inspired for the music he makes. Watch as he shows Jorge some of his interesting instruments he uses as they make a music recording together. Next, we hit a place that specializes in desserts in Tijuana, Creperia Polanco. Chef Selene Lopez brings out all sorts of goodies, and as you can imagine, Jorge is in heaven.

603 Baja Blues Fest
Today, we get to experience the largest blues music festival in Mexico, the Baja Blues Fest. We meet world famous musicians like Chubby Carrier from the Bayou Swamp Band who explains about Zydeco blues music. We get to wonder around the little booths at the festival to admire the art and taste the goodies. Jorge also learns about how this event is a marvelous fundraiser for the benefit of the needy. Then we take a quick trip over to Sin Fronteras Brewing, an oceanfront location serving the amazing beers available in the region.

604 Fuego & Boules
Get ready for incredible food at Fuego Cocina Del Valle, and Boules in Ensenada.
Today we visit an amazing place in the wine country called Fuego Cocina Del Valle. This place has hotel rooms, horses, and more, but the main attraction is the food. After visiting the garden where some of the ingredients are grown, Jorge enjoys the high-end cuisine and is on cloud nine. Next, we meet Javier from Boules restaurant in Ensenada. Jorge discovers the bone marrow dish is to die for.

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