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John McLean Media Distributor of quality television programming to USA domestic and international broadcast sattellite, cable and television stations

Chihuly at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew [57 mins] 
Chihuly Gardens and Glass [60 mins] 
Chihuly and the Masters of Venice [58 mins] 
Chihuly at the V&A [60 mins] 
Chihuly Gardens & Glass [60 mins] 
Chihuly in Charlotte [30 mins] 
Chihuly Short Cuts [86 mins]
Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem [57 mins]
Dale Chihuly: River of Glass [90 mins] 

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    Chihuly at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew [58 mins] 
For his first botanical garden exhibition outside of the United States, Dale Chihuly indulges his perpetual fascination with glasshouses by installing an elaborate collection of glass at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Inside grand Victorian conservatories and amongst outdoor plant collections, these twenty-five installations come together to transform completely the 132-hectare (some 325 acres) World Heritage Site. 

Elaborate orange and yellow Asymmetrical Towers accent the entrance to Kew’s elegant Palm House and a brilliant Sun adorns the modern Princess of Wales Conservatory. Brightly colored Walla Wallas rest in an outdoor lake and graceful Herons rise from a calm waterlily pond. Many other works nestle within planting beds to surprise visitors expecting to see purely botanical beauty. 

Altogether, these vivid colors and otherworldly shapes placed against Kew’s magnificent landscape make the Gardens of Glass: Chihuly at Kew exhibition a captivating and memorable experience.

2006 - Portland Press - USA

Chihuly Gardens and Glass [58 mins] 
Dale Chihuly’s decades of exploring the relationship of glass and nature reach a zenith in 2002 at Chicago’s historic Garfield Park Conservatory. Follow behind the scenes as Chihuly and his team create and install glass sculptures among the plants at the revitalized urban conservatory. Ultimately, over 600,000 people visited what may be the perfect setting to experience Chihuly’s organic work. 

2004 - Portland Press - USA

Chihuly Short Cuts (86 mins)
Spanning a decade of Dale Chihuly's odyssey to push the limits of modern glass, these fourteen short films travel through hotshops, exhibitions and installations around the world.

Presenting footage from well-known projects, this collection also includes some lesser-known work that will surprise even the most avid follower.

2004 - Portland Press - USA

Chihuly at the V&A [56 mins] 
"Dale Chihuly's extravagant glass sculptures have won him fans in the US from Bill Gates to the Clintons to Frasier. Now his work has come to the UK for a major exhibition." 

This program documents the outstandingly successful exhibition at London's famed Victoria and Albert Museum. It follows the exhibition's development from Chihuly's ideas, through the glass-making process and resulting in the delivery of 40 containers of glass and armatures requiring a team of 14 assistants two weeks to install. 

"Significantly, Chihuly's glass–and the man himself–generates an excitement and a degree of attention that most other artists rarely approach. His glass is distinctive and grandly conceived, and his fame has been achieved through his growth as an artist as well as the overwhelming public response to his work." - Jennifer Hawkins Opie, V&A Curator. 

2002 - Portland Press - USA  

Chihuly and the Masters of Venice [58 mins] 
At Dale Chihuly's invitation, two of the great Italian glass masters began a series of visits to the United States. Chihuly worked with them individually and then together - something that the competitive climate of Venice forbids - in a series of historic glassblowing sessions. 

Chihuly created the atmosphere and spark that inspired these brilliant artists to step out of the traditional concept of glasss and push the limits of their creativity. In this program, watch as Dale Chihuly and glassmaking masters Lino Tagliapietra (master glassblower) and Pino Signoretto (renowned hot glass sculptor) combine there inimitable talents. Together with Lino and Pino, Chihuly creates a new form radically different from his other glass series. 

2001 - Portland Press - USA

Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem (57 mins) 
As a tribute to the new millenium, Dale Chihuly leads an international team in mounting large-scale installations in Jerusalem's ancient Tower of David. The amazing success of the exhibition prompts Chihuly to return with sixty-four tons of Alaska ice to create the symbolic Jerusalem Wall of Ice.

1999 - Portland Press - USA

Chihuly in Charlotte [ 30 mins]  - The preparation and installation of the Chihuly exhibit in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 

Dale Chihuly: River of Glass [90 mins] 
Biomorphic glass forms floating down a Finnish river; transparent green and amethyst spears leaning against ancient Irish dolmens, exotic iridescent blossoms blooming in a Mexican factory, and an extravaganza of faceted crystal reaching upward in the Doges Palace in Venice are all part of the Chihuly over Venice project chronicled in River of Glass. 

This 90 minute program begins with the first blowing session in Nuutajarvi, Finland, and follows Chihuly and his team to Waterford, Ireland; Monterrey, Mexico and finally to Venice. The beauty of the glass works installed in each venue is sensitively and evocatively documented by Michael Barnard as director, chief photographer and editor. Through interviews with the artist and many of those involved with this project, River of Glass reveals Chihuly’s creative process as he draws, directs, and demands the best of his team. 

More information: www.chihuly.com

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