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    The Exciting World of Speed & Beauty
(117 x 30 mins) SD

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Competition and performance events are the number one spectator sport  in the USA, with both big time and small town events attracting nearly 50 million people a year

The Exciting World of Speed & Beauty  is a television series that delivers this audience by taking them beyond the sidelines, offering scintillating information and intriguing insights available nowhere else.

This vintage series originally aired in the US on TNN in the 90s and more recently on Speed Vision and is hosted by Dan Pastorini or Dallas Raines.

The Exciting World of Speed & Beauty is a half-hour show specifically targeted for males in both the 18-25 and 25-49 age brackets, but it doesn’t stop there! Thanks to a glossy magazine format, this well-crafted series not only meets the demands of existing motorsport enthusiasts, but also creates a new audience awareness.

Beyond it’s pure entertainment, it provides a deeper knowledge of the people-and their vehicles- involved in speed and competition. Viewers will learn firsthand what it takes to participate. It’s a series that explores the world of all mechanized vehicles; cars, boats, motorcycles, planes and even trains. If it moves and has a motor, The Exciting World of Speed & Beauty  has a great story about it and the people behind them.

Written and shot by Emmy-award winning teams, and produced by a company with over 20 years of television production, this show delivers multi-level entertainment of the highest caliber.

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1992 - 2000
Forever Blue Entertainment Group, USA 



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