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    Hot Rod Madness
(45 x 30 mins) HDTV

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Each episode/segment of HRM takes viewers into the fun and exciting world of hot rods, street rods, classic cars and trucks, and antiques. A history of American automotive style and engineering is presented while meeting creative and passionate people who build and restore vehicles.

Hot Rod Madness a fun and informational automotive television program sharing car history, restoration and preservation of classic cars and trucks. HRM brings the automotive event into the viewers’ homes letting them hear directly from the collectors, builders and restorers.

It's a new take on automotive television that focuses on the story, the passion behind the build, a look at the cars from top to bottom. From the engine to the trunk, from fine paint and innovative exteriors, to the creative elaborate details of the interiors, HRM is a real look at the passion behind the vehicle finding the best, the most unique, the wildest ride, and shares those stories from the people who care about cars and automotive history.

Tim Bearden, Tim the Milkman, hosts with his southern character who is excited about everything on wheels. The Milkman interviews the car owners letting them share their story, as the viewers get to see the car in HD from the comfort of their home.

Tim brings his years of automotive mechanical experience and knowledge, his restoration skills, and his passion to make everyone feel like they are at the automotive event. He shares his enthusiasm for the cars and their owners with his own style of off-beat humor.

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