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Into Deepest Space:
The Birth of the ALMA Observatory
(60 mins) HDTV

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With Producer/Writer/Director Nils Cowan and in cooperation with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Marc Pingry Productions presents a documentary detailing the science behind the most powerful observatory in history as it comes alive in the fragile natural environment of Chile's Atacama Desert
Into Deepest Space traces the engineering, construction and scientific discoveries of the most powerful observatory on earth, the ALMA telescope in the Chilean Andes.

Viewers are taken on a journey both across the globe and throughout the universe to discover how this mammoth radio telescope works and how its observations are revolutionizing astronomy.

Through breathtaking footage including cinematic 3D animation, dramatic aerials of the ALMA site and live coverage of its first large scale observation, Into Deepest Space reveals the incredible lengths to which humans will go in our quest for scientific knolwdege about the cosmos.

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TRT: 55 mins  
2012 (updated 2015)
Marc Pingry Productions, USA 



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