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    Sherpa Stew
(85 mins) HDTV

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The Sherpa of Nepal’s high Himalaya are the men and women known for their endurance and superhuman ability to survive at oxygen-deprived altitudes. The mountaineers among them are as close to superheroes as humans come. And in New York City, they’re driving cabs, selling imports at street market stalls and chopping onions in the kitchens of Asian restaurants.

Sherpa Stew is the story of hard-working immigrants who put everything on the line to provide a better life for their children, including their own lives. The film follows mountaineers Nima Dawa Sherpa and Kipa Sherpa from the top of Mount Everest to Queens, New York, as they strive to make a new kind of living.

With nuance, humor and insightful direction, filmmaker Andy Cockrum offers a fresh perspective on the immigrant’s journey, and one that will have you reconsidering your assumptions about the people you pass on the street.

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival: 2nd Place International Competition.
Nepal America International Film festival: Special Jury Mention Award

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