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    Asian Yum Yum
(13 x 30 mins) HDTV & 4K

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This is modern cooking with an Asian flair. Captivating host Siri Chuandhara takes viewers on a fun and interesting journey through her daily adventures in cooking.  Siri is a restaurant owner and international celebrity chef but she’s always charming and friendly. She shares anecdotes about her life lessons. She teaches organic, low calorie, easy gourmet dishes with Asian spices and techniques

Asian Yum Yum is an experience based show. It’s shot in fish markets, butcheries, Asian spice markets and organic farms.

Siri’s hilarious experiences take her around town gathering fresh food and ingredients and back into the kitchen to prepare the day’s mouthwatering feast. She often brings a friend or two along.

There is always something unexpected on Asian Yum Yum!

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TRT: 13 x 23 mins

Sea Star Films, USA




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