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    Graham Kerr's Kitchen
(78 x 30 mins) 

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    Over 200 million weekly television viewers around the world tuned in to the crazy antics of Graham Kerr as the Galloping Gourmet in the 1970s. Today, millions more tune in to the new Graham Kerr with a new message - healthy food that tastes great and is good for you! 

Graham calls it Minimax (minimum risk/maximum flavor) and it's the basis for the best in television programming that meets the needs of today's viewers - television that entertains as it informs! 

From Fettucine Alfredo to New York Cheesecake to Beef Stroganoff, Graham recreates the world's most popular dishes into irresistible healthy cuisine (with the nutritional analysis to prove it) with the winning charm of a seasoned performer. 

With over 1000 television shows and 14 cookbooks behind him GRAHAM KERR delivers food for today with more than a dash of fun! 





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