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  Cucina Amore - Nick Stellino
(143 x 30 mins)
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101 Tomato Sauce
Quick, easy and flavorful tomato sauce and simply elegant tuna steaks in a piquant caper, black olive, balsamic vinegar and tomato sauce.

102 Caponata
Sicily's famous savory eggplant relish with onion, capers and black olives followed by a delicious veal, potato and carrot stew.

103 Bruschetta
Quick and easy, toasted garlic bread topped with chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic followed by pasta tossed with a flavorful clam, wine and tomato sauce.

104 Baked Swordfish
Swordfish steaks smothered in onions, cheese and rich tomato sauce served with classic Italian risotto with saffron.

105 Onion Glazed Pot Roast
Family favorite, melt-in-the-mouth pot roast and onions in hearty gravy served with creamy garlic mashed potatoes.

106 Shrimp in the Pot
Tender shrimp cooked in a flavorful sauce of wine, garlic and tomato sauce served with baked tomatoes filled with savory rice.

107 Sausage Stuffing
Flavorful stuffing of spicy sausage, mushrooms, cheese and seasoned bread crumbs fills thick and juicy pork chops and sweet bell peppers.

108 Roasted Chicken
Flavor-filled chicken roasted with wine, rosemary and sage served with garlicky oven roasted potatoes.

109 Terrine of Roasted Eggplant
Sweet roasted eggplant with spicy bread crumbs and tangy cheese combine in a melt-in-your-mouth appetizer.

110 Seafood Pasta
Shrimp, scallops and pasta are especially flavorful cooked in an aluminum foil pouch, followed by easy and delicious baked ice cream cake.

111 Ossobuco
The Italian classic of veal cooked until butter-tender in tomato sauce and wine, served with irresistible peas and bacon.

112 Pasta with Sausage Sauce
Homestyle pasta cooked with spicy sausage and creamy ricotta cheese served with a salad of sweet roasted bell peppers and feta cheese.

113 Lamb Chops with Enzino's Pesto
Garlic, mint and rosemary marinated lamb chops served with pesto sauce and a hearty grilled mushroom salad.

114 Hunter's Chicken
Simple and hearty, chicken and mushrooms are simmered in tomato sauce and followed by creamy bread pudding for dessert.

115 Eggdrop Soup
Light, flavorful eggdrop soup is served with garlic bread and three different spreads: olive, sun-dried tomato, and gorgonzola cheese.

116 Pasta Frittata
Easy pasta, egg and cheese omelet is teamed with tangy zucchini and porcini mushrooms in balsamic vinegar on the side.

117 Shrimp with Prosciutto
Juicy shrimp cooked in zesty ham wrap is served on a savory bed of lentils, tomatoes and onions - a great appetizer or main dish.

118 Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms
Quick and easy pasta tossed with porcini mushrooms and tomatoes followed by creamy ricotta cheese and chocolate chip cake.

119 Pasta "Sidewalk Cinderella"
Hearty garlic, black olive and caper sauce for pasta served with extra sweet roasted broccoli.

120 Chicken Fricassee
Plump chicken breasts are stuffed with ham, cheese and herbs and served with peas and carrots in cream sauce.

121 Nanci's Pasta
Fast and fresh, pasta tossed with sausage and sun-dried tomato sauce served with tender roasted bell peppers on garlic toast.

122 Smoked Salmon Pasta
An easy celebration, pasta with smoked salmon and vodka sauce and delicious creamy strawberry custard.

123 Potato and Onion Soup
Simple and satisfying, potato and onion soup served with herbed focaccia bread.

124 Bean Soup
Simple and satisfying, pinto beans, onions and tomato soup followed by savory omelet of sweet sausage and onion.

125 Fillet of Tomato Pasta
Extra simple, delicious tomato sauce out of a can tossed with pasta and served with sweet roasted eggplant in balsamic vinegar.

126 Veal Cutlets Pizza Style
Easy and elegant, tender veal cutlets are cooked in tomato sauce and served with sweet and sour pearl onions.

127 Shrimp Pasta
Quick and delicious, shrimp tossed with pasta in a garlic-white wine sauce and dessert of cookies, custard and whipped cream.

128 Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Juicy pork tenderloin is stuffed with ham and cheese and served with tedner stewed potatoes with tomatoes, onion and garlic.

129 Grouper Cutlet
Italian fish and chips, plump white fish fillets in a toasted crumb coating served with zesty bread fritters.

130 Potato Pancake with Mushrooms
Fabulous brunch or appetizer, grated potato and onion pancake stuffed with mushrooms with Italian cheeses and wines.

131 Baked Pasta with Sausage
Hearty baked dish of pasta, onion, garlic, sausage, tomato and cheese followed by sweet strawberries in tangy balsamic vinegar.

132 Pasta with Peas, Cream and Ham
Fast and delicious, pasta in a simple ham, pea and cream sauce served with a salad of cooked mushrooms on crisp greens.

133 Roasted Stuffing
Simple and satisfying, loaf of roasted sausage, onion and spicy bread crumbs served with creamy milk pudding and almonds.

134 Swordfish Rolls
Swordfish rolled around a delicious stuffing of pinenuts, raisins and breadcrumbs is complemented by simple sweet pepper and potato soup.

135 Potato Frittata
Easy brunch or picnic, crusty potatoes, garlic and rosemary omelet and eggs scrambled with porcini mushrooms, tomato, onions and cheese.

136 Sausage and Sun-dried Tomato Risotto
Creamy rice flavored with spicy sausage, red onions and sun-dried tomato and a simple soup of eggplant, onion, garlic and tomato.

137 Veal with Sage and Prosciutto
Quick saute of tender veal slices, prosciutto and fresh sage with Marsala sauce followed by strawberries with mint and wine.

138 Pasta with Shrimp and Capers
Quick and easy, pasta with shrimp and capers in tomato and wine sauce followed by a golden puff pastry and apple tart.

139 Garlic and Oil Pasta
Simple and flavorful, garlic, olive oil and cheese sauce for pasta served with fried balls of tender eggplant in minty tomato sauce.

140 Wild Mushroom Pasta
Ready in minutes, pasta with wild mushrooms, cream and tomato served with incredibly easy Caesar salad with garlic, anchovies, and Romano cheese.

141 Radicchio and Gorgonzola Pasta
Tangy gorgonzola cheese with crisp, red radicchio in creamy sauce with meltingly tender, stewed sweet red, green and yellow bell peppers.

142 Stuffed Meat Roll
Celebration or holiday meal, beef stuffed with spicy sausage, provolone cheese, hard boiled egg and salami, simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce.

143 Baked Stuffed Mushrooms
Big meaty mushroom caps, stuffed with cheese and seasoned bread crumbs, baked in tomato sauce.

144 Pasta with Sun-dried Tomato Sauce
Easy and flavorful, pasta tossed in a rich sun-dried tomato sauce with basil and pine nuts followed by a refreshing coffee ice dessert.

145 Baked Striped Sea Bass
Easy baked whole sea bass stuffed with garlic, lemon and rosemary served with creamy wild mushroom risotto.

146 Pasta with Gorgonzola and Walnuts
Creamy, rich gorgonzola cheese sauce tossed with pasta and crunchy toasted walnuts followed by a spicypoached fruit compote.

147 Veal Scallops with Capers and Lemon
Fast and elegant, tender veal slices with capers and lemon sauce served with crisp potato coins.

148 Pasta with Rosemary Chicken
Chunks of tender rosemary chicken and pasta in a flavorful tomato sauce with delicious pear and walnut tart for dessert.

149 Braised Sausage with Broccoli Rape
Simple and satisfying, sausage and broccoli greens and tomato sauce and tender cauliflower with pine nuts, raisins and tomato sauce.

150 Stuffed Artichoke Hearts
Tender artichoke hearts stuffed with seasoned bread crumbs and mushrooms are followed by pasta in a vodka tomato sauce.

151 Pasta with Eggplant and Tomato Sauce
Simple and spectacular, cubed eggplant, tomato sauce, basil and smoked mozzarella cheese tossed with pasta and easy peaches baked with cookie crumbs and meringue.

152 Pasta with Shrimp and Green Onions
Tender shrimp simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce with brandy, cream and green onions served with garlicky fried tomato halves.


201 Pasta Carbonara
Quick and easy, pasta tossed with a creamy sauce of eggs, bacon and cheese followed by sauteed scallops with lemony spinach.

202 Pasta with Cold Tomato Sauce
Fast and fresh, flavorful herbed tomato sauce tossed with pasta served with garlic-herb crusted pork loin.

203 Chicken with Orange Cream Sauce
Tender chicken breasts smothered in flavorful orange cream sauce, and a dessert of cookies, custard, raspberries and whipped cream.

204 Pasta with Capers and Anchovies
Quick and tasty pasta tossed with breadcrumbs, cheese, capers and anchovies served with juicy broiled tomatoes stuffed with rice.

205 Artichoke Relish
Savory artichoke relish with onion, capers and black olives followed by traditional Sicilian deep dish pizza topped with onions.

206 Pan-fried Chilean Sea Bass
Snowy white fish fillets served in a pool of fresh herbed tomato sauce with areamy rice in balsamic vinegar sauce.

207 Zucchini Pasta
Pasta cooked with zucchini, garlic, mint and basil and a simple peasant-style tomato soup with bread croutons and cheese.

208 Peppered Tuna on a Bed of Lemony Limas
Elegant tuna steaks coated with crushed black pepper served on a refreshing lima bean, fennel and lemon salad, followed by sinfully rich white chocolate mousse.

209 Pasta with Artichokes, Leeks and Olives
Pasta tossed with rich sauce of tomatoes, artichokes, leeks and olives is served with succulent broiled lamb chops in a balsamic vinegar sauce.

210 Onion Frittata
Easy and flavorful caramelized onion omelet served with mushrooms sauteed with garlic, cream and Marsala.

211 Romaine Salad with Gorgonzola and Pancetta
Romaine lettuce and seasoned croutons coated with a creamy dressing of tangy Gorgonzola cheese and bacon followed by pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes and basil.

212 Apricot Chicken
Tender chicken pieces baked in a rich sauce of apricots, capers, mustard and white wine vinegar and hazelnut cake drenched in lemon syrup for dessert.

213 Eggplant Rolls
Melt-in-your-mouth bites of roasted eggplant rolled around garlicky goat cheese followed by delicious pasta topped with clams and porcini mushrooms.

214 Tuna Cakes with Spicy Mayonnaise
Golden patties of mashed potatoes and tuna served with spicy mayonnaise, followed by oranges and caramel sauce over vanilla ice cream.

215 Savory Meat Pie
Great appetizer or main course, meat pie seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and thyme, followed by pears poached in Marsala and filled with sweetened ricotta cheese.

216 Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce
Light and tender potato dumplings tossed with a rich tomato sauce and pumpkin gnocchi tossed with a sage and butter sauce.

217 Pasta with Pancetta and Bell Peppers
Bacon and bell peppers sauteed and then simmered in a rich herbed tomato sauce followed by elegant apple custard tart.

218 Broccoli Soup with Potatoes and Garlic
Simple and satisfying, hearty pureed soup of broccoli, potatoes and garlic,served with rice-stuffed tomatoes with tuna sauce.

219 Chicken Paprikash
Tender chicken pieces, sweet bell peppers and onion braised in tomato-paprika sauce, served with creamy sour cream and chive mashed potatoes.

220 Risotto with Shrimp, Curry and Peas
Creamy rice flavored with curry, shrimp and peas followed by delicious sparkling wine pudding over berries.

221 Roasted Artichoke Hearts with Mushroom Caviar
Fabulous first course, artichoke hearts stuffed with savory mushroom filling followed by pasta tossed with sausage, zucchini and bell peppers.

222 Onion Soup with Gorgonzola and Prosciutto
Hearty onion soup flavored with herbs, Marsala, tangy gorgonzola cheese and ham, followed by succulent chicken nuggets simmered in tomato-wine sauce with almonds.

223 Pasta with Arugula
Spicy arugula, tomatoes and anchovies combine in a rich pasta sauce, followed by succulent fillets of Chilean sea bass with artichokes and mushrooms.

224 Ham Calzone
Delicious, crisp pizza crust wrapped around a savory filling of smoky ham and cheese or tender sauteed vegetables with cheese.

225 Braised Sausages with Polenta
Simple and satisfying stew of braised Italian sausages and vegetables over polenta followed by meltingly tender poached apples in a spiced sauce.

226 Pasta with Shrimp and Asparagus
Quick and delicious shrimp and asparagus tossed with pasta in a tomato-brandy sauce, served with mixed green salad with creamy Italian cheese dressing.

227 Olive Bread
Rustic Italian bread studded throughout with flavorful Kalamata olives served with savory pumpkin sausage soup.

228 Warm Chicken Salad
Tender chicken nuggets sauteed in balsamic vinaigrette tossed with grapes, feta cheese and salad greens follows a hearty vegetable and bread soup.

229 Pasta with Asparagus and Mushrooms
Asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes combine in a delicious pasta sauce followed by a refreshing crisp green salad.

230 Scallops with Tomatoes and Saffron
Moist, tender scallops swimming in a sauce of fresh tomatoes, white wine and saffron over lemon rice pilaf with Italian chocolate cream pudding for dessert.

231 Roasted Lemon Chicken with Green Sauce
Golden-brown roasted lemon chicken with flavorful oregano-parsley sauce served with irresistible herbed mashed potatoes.

232 Eggplant with Tomatoes and Mint
Sauteed eggplant simmered with tomatoes, garlic and mint is followed by pasta tossed with a piquant tuna and lemon sauce.

233 Potato and Garlic Soup
Simple and satisfying, creamy potato and garlic soup served with a piquant green salad followed by a refreshing lemon ice.

234 Cauliflower au Gratin
Capers, olives, garlic and anchovy pasta sauteed with cauliflower for an especially flavorful dish served with pasta tossed with bacon, tomatoes and onions.

235 Moroccan Veal Stew
Tender chunks of veal and eggplant simmered in a Moroccan-style stew studded with raisins and pine nuts served with crisp salad of apples, green beans and bell peppers.

236 Mixed Salad with Oranges, Onions and Fennel
An irresistible combination: oranges, onions and fennel tossed with baby salad greens followed by hearty pasta with broccoli, sausages and sun-dried tomatoes.

237 Asparagus Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
Elegant salad of asparagus spears topped with smoked salmon, bell pepper, capers and piquant dressing served with tender chicken breasts with savory rosemary sauce.

238 Cantaloupe with Prosciutto and Gorgonzola
Cantaloupe, arugula and prosciutto drizzled with creamy Gorgonzola sauce followed by an elegant pasta with sauteed scallops and artichokes.

239 Layered Picnic Pie
Perfect for brunch or picnics, golden-brown crust surrounds layers of mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, ricotta, ham, roasted peppers and provolone cheese.

240 Risotto with Four Cheeses
A variation on Italy's classic rice dish with a rich, creamy sauce of four cheeses is served with succulent pork chops coated with herbs.

241 Potato Pizza
Rustic pizza topped with crisp potatoes slices, garlic, herbs and cheese followed by a main-dish salad of tuna, green beans, potatoes, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

242 Artichoke Saute
Savory saute of artichoke hearts, black olives, capers and anchovies followed by elegant pasta soup with crispy puff pastry dome.

243 Pasta with Raisins and Pine Nuts
Simple and satisfying pasta tossed with raisins, pine nuts, garlic and basil with family-favorite, cherry almond rice pudding for dessert.

244 Pasta with Tuna and Tomatoes
Quick and easy pasta tossed with a piquant sauce of tuna, capers and sun-dried tomatoes followed by flavorful marinated steak salad.

245 Pot Roast Braised in Red Wine
Family favorite, melt-in-your-mouth braised pot roast in a rich red wine gravy followed by caramelized apples atop a golden puff pastry crust.

246 Carrot Soup
Smooth and satisfying, colorful spicy carrot soup served with sauteed asparagus, bell peppers and mushrooms over grilled polenta.

247 Scallop Salad with Orange Vinaigrette
Easy and elegant salad of sauteed scallops surrounding a mound of mixed greens topped with warm orange vinaigrette sauce, followed by chocolate and coffee custard.

248 Baked Pasta Wrapped in Eggplant Slices
A sumptuous baked pasta layered with ham, cheese, rich meat sauce and cheesy bechamel sauce, all wrapped in slices of eggplant.

249 Lamb Meatballs with Girgento Sauce
Tender balls of ground lamb spiced with cinnamon, cumin, garlic and mint in a rich tomato sauce, served with roasted eggplant mixed with cheese and bread crumbs.

250 Braised Sausages with Cabbage and Apples
Simple and flavorful, sweet Italian sausage simmered with cabbage and apples in white wine, chicken stock and apple sauce, followed by delicious pumpkin cheesecake.

251 Pasta with Eggplant and Bell Peppers
The delightful flavors of eggplant and bell peppers marry in this rich pasta dish, served with green beans simmered with tomatoes, basil and garlic.

252 Roast Turkey with Herbs
A holiday favorite with a twist - turkey seasoned with garlic and herbs and filled with Italian stuffing, served with sweet potato souffle seasoned with thyme.


301 Spanish Chicken with Almond Sauce
Flavor-filled Spanish favorites: garden-fresh gazpacho soup, chicken in elegant almond sauce and creamy apple custard in caramel sauce.

302 Spaghetti and Meatballs
America's favorite pasta topped with juicy tender meatballs; elegant baked pasta draped with roasted eggplant slices; and light, fruity apricot peach cream.

303 Cheesecake with Blackberry Sauce
An irresistible trio of desserts: cheesecake draped in flavorful blackberry sauce; elegant lemon pistachio cream mousse; and rustic pine nut tart.

304 Beef and Bell Pepper Stew
Hearty stew loaded with tender chunks of beef and colorful bell peppers; rustic potatoes roasted with prosciutto and onions; and mashed potatoes with Romano cheese.

305 Gorgonzola Pork Chops
Succulent apple-stuffed pork chops smothered in creamy Gorgonzola cheese sauce; delectable onion, pancetta and Gorgonzola tart; and sweet roasted pear salad.

306 Paella
Spain's irresistible classic casserole of rice, chicken and shellfish; Lebanon's most famous eggplant dish, baba ghanouj; and quick and easy Sardinian cracker bread.

307 Chicken Cordon Bleu
Succulent chicken breasts filled with ham and cheese; lentil soup flavored with lamb and mint; and quick and easy apricot raspberry clafouti dessert.

308 Lasagnes
Crowd-pleasing spinach-filled lasagne; classic lasagne covered with rich meat sauce and creamy béchamel sauce; and delicate artichoke spread on toasted garlic bread.

309 Chocolate Torte
A trio of delicious desserts: elegant chocolate walnut torte, creamy ricotta cheese rum-raisin tart and crispy orange almond biscotti.

310 Steak with Red Wine Sauce
Melt-in-your-mouth beef tenderloin with a savory red wine sauce; quick and easy onions baked in balsamic vinegar; and elegant, creamy lemon soufflé.

311 Pork Chops with Prune-Port Sauce
Plump juicy pork chops smothered in prune-port wine sauce; fragrant, anise-flavored braised fennel; and quick and easy raspberries topped with chocolate orange cream.

312 Fisherman's Gnocchi
Tender potato dumplings topped with seafood in a creamy tomato sauce; quick and easy pasta with shrimp and zucchini; and smooth, delicious cappuccino mousse.

313 Spinach Cheese Pie
A simplified version of Greece's famous spinach and cheese pie; fragrant almond, onion and orange soup; and simple honey orange mousse.

314 Chicken with Garlic Sauce
Tender herbed chicken breasts topped with a rich garlic sauce; savory roasted eggplant and garlic soup; and easy carrots and garlic.

315 Cannelloni with Prosciutto and Zucchini
Pasta with creamy ricotta, prosciutto and zucchini filling baked with tomato and béchamel sauces; family-style baked pasta layered with peas and asparagus; and light, creamy strawberry meringues.

316 Moussaka
Creamy custard atop a fragrant mixture of spiced lamb, eggplant and potatoes; grilled lamb and vegetables in garlicky yogurt sauce; and spinach with raisins and pine nuts.

317 Braised Beef with Olives
Mouth-watering beef stew flavored with green olives and orange; aromatic roasted vegetables; and juicy strawberries topped with sweetened ricotta cheese.

318 Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce
Tender juicy pork chops simmered in herbed mustard sauce; aromatic rice pilaf with currants and pine nuts; and Provence’s famous vegetable stew, ratatouille.

319 Sicilian Fish Soup
Quick and easy tomato-based fish soup with the unexpected addition of curry; spicy potato stew; and rich, creamy coffee cheesecake.

320 Moroccan Chicken with Olives
Tender chicken pieces in Moroccan sauce filled with spices, olives and the fresh tang of lemon; out-of-the-ordinary cauliflower with capers and olives; and colorful melon, orange and olive salad.

321 Pasta with Golden Pepper Sauce
A colorful medley of easy bell pepper dishes: pasta with golden bell pepper sauce, broccoli with smoky roasted red bell peppers and peppers simmered in Spanish sherry sauce.

322 Rack of Lamb with Mustard, Garlic and Rosemary
Delectable rack of lamb baked with a flavorful herbed garlic-mustard crust; cheesy potatoes au gratin; and savory eggplant spread on garlic toast.

323 Shrimp Fritters
Great tasting crispy shrimp fritters with spicy mayonnaise; easy to make sun-dried tomato and cheese spread on garlic toast; and Spain’s traditional honey vanilla rice flan dessert.

324 North African Mussels and Clams
Spicy, fragrant mussels and clams in tomato-infused sauce; couscous spinach pilaf with the fresh touch of lemon; and creamy mascarpone coffee whip with chocolate sauce.

325 Stuffed Chicken Rolls
Tender chicken breasts wrapped around savory bread stuffing are simmered in brandy-spiked mushroom sauce; fast and easy ginger-glazed carrots; and elegant Italian mocha cream pudding.

326 Rice Balls with Four Cheeses
A Sicilian specialty, robust golden rice balls filled with cheese; pasta topped with colorful vegetable ragú sauce; and walnut cake spiced with honey-cinnamon syrup.

327 Ginger Tuna
Extra simple, pan-seared tuna steaks with flavorful butter-lemon-ginger sauce; colorful layered baked vegetables with a touch of mustard; and rustic plum tart in phyllo pastry.

328 Italian Meat Pockets
Savory salami-cheese filling in a tender pocket of beef; tasty twice-baked potatoes with spinach and cheese; and delicate, golden apricot tart.

329 Eggplant Parmesan
Tender layers of eggplant, cheese and tomato sauce baked in an earthy casserole; stuffed eggplant with creamy cheese filling; and eggplant rolled around savory ham filling.

330 Baked Fish Fillets
Snow-white fish fillets baked atop savory eggplant-tomato sauce; creamy soup with the earthy flavors of wild mushrooms; and quick and easy strawberry tart.

331 Moroccan Almond Chicken Pie
Flavorful chicken and egg filling topped with sweet-spiced almonds and flaky phyllo crust; delicate shrimp filled phyllo pastries; and walnut filled baklava drenched in honey syrup.

332 Pasta with Spicy Cauliflower Sauce
Rustic pasta topped with cauliflower, anchovies, garlic and red pepper flakes; pasta with savory sun-dried tomato and pine nut sauce; and creamy chocolate zabaglione dessert.

333 Portuguese Green Soup
Robust Portuguese soup with the traditional flavors of sausage, potatoes and collard greens; special-occasion whole fish baked in salt crust; and piquant cauliflower salad.

334 Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie
Hearty meat stew topped with oven browned Romano mashed potatoes; traditional Greek salad with tomatoes and feta cheese; and crispy anise flavored cookies;

335 Tunisian Chickpea Soup
Simple chickpea soup flavored with cumin, lemon and feta cheese; Greek salad with the Sicilian addition of tuna; and irresistible Parmesan nut rolls.

336 Turkey Scallopini with Curry Sauce
Quick and easy turkey with fragrant curry sauce; asparagus and ham sauce over tender chicken scallopini; and creamy coffee flavored custard.

337 Grilled Polenta with Mushroom Sauce
Savory corn polenta cakes topped with cheese sauce bursting with mushrooms; quick and delicious broiled onions and mushrooms; and simple herbed mushroom salad.

338 Pesto Marinated Chicken
Plump chicken breasts marinated in basil pesto with a fresh touch of lemon juice; pesto pasta with the hearty addition of green beans and potatoes; and rustic sweet peppers with olives and pesto.

339 Gnocchi with Creamy Asparagus and Prosciutto Sauce
Tender potato dumplings topped with creamy asparagus and prosciutto sauce; rustic pasta with lima beans and Swiss chard; and crunchy hazelnut shortbread cookies.



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