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    The Best Little Auction House in Texas
(13 x 30 mins) HDTV

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Even though Vikki travels out of the country several times a year on buying trips, she always makes it home in time for the next auction. Every Tuesday the pressure begins as next Monday’s auction approaches. Each day she and her crew struggle to meet their weekly deadline, dealing with delivery, customs, employee and personal problems. She has only one day of sales to pay for a whole week’s worth of expenses. It begins with the arrival and unloading of the newest shipment. Not knowing what treasures lie within, everything has to be examined and accounted for. Hundreds of items are arranged in the gallery for preview. Auction day comes: the guests arrive; they check out the merchandise; the show begins; the bids fly; the sales are made and the money is counted. Tomorrow, it all begins again.

As the season opens, Vikki is in the midst of preparing for her next weekly auction, the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Auctions - her biggest each year – and a monumental move. She has just sold her location of 20 years and has a deadline of 45 days to vacate the premises - the deal was just too good to pass up. So she needs to sell everything that she can, find a new 30,000 square foot location and move in without missing one auction. She’s a self-made woman who started out with a rusted out pickup truck and a “flea market” booth – and she’s not going back – she doesn’t miss an auction.

As the season progresses, Vikki Is under siege by continual problems with the new building, shipment problems and the competition. To make matters worse, for the first time in many years, she is having employee problems. Normally, employee problems are easily resolved for Vikki – she just fires them. In this case, the employees are family and close friends who have helped her build her business. Vikki navigates through a storm of buying trips, disappointing auctions, very successful auctions, some extremely interesting items, some extremely interesting dealers and her extremely difficult  mother, son, sister, aunt, stepsons and ex-husband.

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