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    Coop Dreams
(95 x 30 mins) HDTV

Coop Dreams

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Join the fun on Coop Dreams as Brad, a suburban dad, moves his family to the country in search of a sustainable lifestyle and sets out to achieve his longtime dream of raising chickens.  Laugh and cheer as Brad attempts to address the concerns of his family and conquer the basics of backyard farming.

As a rookie, Brad finds there is more to learn than he ever imagined. Coops and runs, roosting, pecking order, feeding and first aid, coop maintenance and natural chicken-keeping are just some of the topics addressed on field trips around the country and via experts brought to the farm for advice.

Along the way, viewers come to know and love funny, down-to-earth Brad, rooting for him as he tries to build his own coop and eventually brings home his first chickens.  And they share in his sorrow when unforeseen challenges and tragedies befall his flock.

Soon, the homestead is added to with ducks, goats, bees, turkeys and more!

If you like reality television that is positive and celebrates the human spirit….If you've ever struggled to make a big dream come true… if you love to laugh or you love chickens — Coop Dreams is for you!

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