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    Fantastic Festivals of the World
(30 x 60 mins)

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    The Fire Festival (Las Fallas) in Spain, The Mid Autumn Lantern Festival in Hong Kong, the Puppet Festival in France, The World Buskers Festival in New Zealand... 

The Fantastic Festivals of the World series gives viewers an opportunity to visit these sites and more in fabulous HDTV. Every year there are thousands of festivals highlighting special historical occasions, music, dance, folklore, and crafts.  The HD production team led by Marc Pingry and Sigal Bujman visits the most unique of these events. 

The programs focus on what makes the festivals unique and takes the viewers off the beaten track outside of the event. 

Series 1

1. The Mid Autumn Lantern Festival - Hong Kong 
2. Festival des Theatres de Marionettes - Charleville-Mezieres, France 
3. The World Buskers Festival - Christchurch, New Zealand 
4. Carnaval De Quebec - Quebec City, Canada 
5. Las Fallas Festival - Valencia, Spain 
6. Carnival - St Thomas, US Virgin Islands 
7. Medieval Festival - Sedan, France and The Gypsy Festival - San Marie de la Mer, France 
8. Rath Yatra - Puri, India 
9. The Green River Rendevous - Pinedale, Wyoming, USA 
10. Fiesta de Urqupina - Quillacollo, Bolivia 
11. Kyu-bon and Eisa  Festivals - Okinawa, Japan 
12. September Cultural Shows -  Papua New Guinea 
13. Whirling Dervishes - Konya, Turkey 
14. Songkran Festival - Thailand 
15. Andalusia Spring Festivals - Spain 
16. Chinese New Year - Hong Kong 

Series 2

1. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - Mexico 
2. La Fiesta de la Tradicion (Tradition Festival) - Argentina
3. The Fastnacht Festival - Black Forest and Cologne Germany  
4. La Bouna Pasqua - Sicily, Italy 
5. Pahiyas Harvest Festival - Philippines   
6. Garma Festival - Australia 
7. Highland Games - Scotland
8. Boi Bumba - Parintins, Brazil
9. Andong Mask Festival - Korea
10. The Lantern Festivals - Taiwan
11. Lag Baomer & Shavuot Celebrations, Israel
12. The Five-Petalled Rose of Celebration, Czech Republic
13. Summer Festivals - Japan
14. Dragon Boat Festival - Hong Kong

Watch Series 2 Boi Bumba, Brazil episode here (58 mins)

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