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John McLean Media Distributor of quality television programming to USA domestic and international broadcast sattellite, cable and television stations
    Living Landscapes
(25 x 60 mins & 1 x 75 mins) HDTV

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The Living Landscapes HD Video Collection brings the world’s most inspiring natural environments to life through the magic of High Definition video and 5.1 surround sound. 

Welcome to the world of fine art videography…… 

These mesmerizing programs use state of the art High Definition video and 5.1 surround sound to capture the world’s most beautiful natural environments. Originated on HDcam uncompressed High Definition video and field recorded using surround sound recording techniques, these programs achieve a sense of reality beyond even 35mm or Imax film. 


As HD display technology turns more and more living rooms into home theatres, the vision of bringing exotic virtual environments into our homes is rapidly becoming a reality. At the forefront of this transformation, HDenvironments.com is producing an extensive series of High Definition programs designed to create sensory-immersive experiences of the world’s most beautiful places. 

The programs are being crafted by a team of producers led by Michael Heumann who draws on twenty years of experience shooting travel documentaries to capture the worlds’ most stunning natural environments in vivid high definition video. 


Living Landscapes brings the experience of the exotic natural environments that people travel across the globe to find, within reach of the TV viewer. If you’re sitting in a room where one of the environments is playing, you may notice the sound of birds or a group of monkeys in the trees behind you a few minutes before they appear in your field of view. The goal is to import nature’s wonder into our everyday world, just as humans have done for centuries by placing art on our walls, but this time our tools give us more power to convey the multi-dimensional magic of nature. 

Available now for DVD, SD or HD Broadcast 

1. Cost Rica
2. Rocky Mountains
3. Underwater Paradise Hawaii
4. The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls
5. Enchanted Forests (Olympic Rainforest )
6. Mystic Canyons (Sacred Canyons of the Southwest)
7. Wild Africa
8. The World's Most Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets
9. The Rhythmic Ocean (Pacific Coast)
10. The Four Seasons
11. The World's Most Beautiful Mountains
12. The World's Most Beautiful Places
13. The Wonders of Bali
14. Giant Redwoods ( California Redwoods)
15. Autumn Splendor ( Fall in New England)
16. The Wonders of Hawaii
17. Beautiful Lighthouses (with optional voiceover commentary)
18. The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches
19. WIngs on the Water

Watch a clip here!


The World's Most Beautiful Places (75 mins)
An introduction to the Living Landscapes HD Collection featuring High Definition footage of some of the world's most stunning natural environments. This program contains selected footage from all 9 of the1 hour programs


Single Ambient Nature Scenes (60 mins)
A brand new series of programs featuring one scene, filmed in one location for a continuous period of time with natural sounds (no music).

The Morning Ocean
A Clear Mountain Creek
Sunrise Over the Ocean
A Serene Lake
A Carpathian Mountain Waterfall
A Romanian Sunset Over the Water

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