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    Out West
(60 mins)


    Out West is a documentary focusing on the ordinay lives and personal experiences of common people pioneering the American West from the early 1860s till the turn of the century. 

Out West revisits important and decisive events that shaped the history of this fascinating land. Custer's Last Stand and the Wounded Knee Massacre were events that tragically illustrated the clash of the European and Indian cultures. 

After exterminating the bison by the millions and forcing Indians onto reservations, the American government then moved the fight from the battlefireld to the classroom forcing the the Indian people to abandon their beliefs, language and cultural heritage. 

Out West is a unique documentary on the Old American West that uses the words of common men and women to rediscover this extraordinary time in American history. It demystifies and puts a face on this over-glamorized time period and will certainly change many previously held beliefs. 

The truth about the West has to be found somewhere between the accounts of those who lived it, the history books and the myth itself. 

Languages: French, English, International 
Not available for Europe, Australia or Japan 




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