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    The Dyonne Lewis Show
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The Dyonne Lewis Show is a headlong journey into the human experience of fate, choices and consequences. The highs and lows of the grind of life are detailed while seeking the "magical healing elixir" wrought from emotional pain. The show opens to an expository "teaser" of the guest and topic then whets the  appetite with an introduction to the sit-down interview segment. The host offers the audience a synopsis of the crises then steers the story development towards its conflict resolution during the final in studio "live to tape" conversation.

Dyonne Lewis enjoyed appearances as Cicely in the Caribbean stage version of The Odd Couple at The Ford Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, as well as leading roles in other stage productions throughout the city.  During her decade-long career as a Christian minister, she was a televangelist alongside her husband on a national half-hour Canadian faith telecast; she co-executive produced 24 episodes of the program, called Joy & Strength Today with Phil and Dyonne Lewis. As a professionally trained broadcast journalist, and life-long student of English Literature - with a Bachelor of Art Degree - Dyonne hit her stride upon awakening to the healing power of storytelling: and is in her glory while exploring and sharing stories about transmuting trouble into triumph.

The series unique format was created by Dominic Sciullo, an award-winning 30-plus year news veteran, known as one of the pioneers of the "videography storytelling styles" which emerged in the 80s out of Citytv - Toronto's local breaking news station.  As the original Hot Docs international film festival founding member and producer of the television pilot, Da Kink In My Hair, - which is currently touring North America as a stage play - Vision TV's vice president of independent production for The Dyonne Lewis Show, Joan Jenkinson, has a couple Gemini awards to her name.  The show contributor - Spider Jones, "weighs in" on each episode - expressing his take on the guest's story by using boxing as a metaphor for life - the award-winning broadcast journalist, formerly of CFRB 1010 Talk Radio and The Fan 590 is a three-time Golden Glove Champion - not to mention the fact that he has enjoyed the distinguished honour of being awarded boxing commentator of the year by the World Boxing Federation - Jones was also a sparring partner with the late boxing legend, Muhammed Ali, and was co-host of a national Canadian television program, Famous Knockouts, with Canadian boxing all-time great, George Chuvalo - Ali's, self-proclaimed, toughest fight.

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