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At Home with Didiayer Series 4
- Travel with Didiayer
(13 x 30 mins) HDTV 4K


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With an eye on oceans, coasts, and islands, this season Didiayer and family set out to follow the beckoning calls of land and sea.

Highlighting sustainability themes, they explore the efforts of individuals who have made the health of our planet their purpose.

And where nature inspires creativity, art is sure to be found. From world-renown artist Wyland to the most unique local talent, Didiayer learns about the craft of expression.

Of course, a good meal is always involved.

This time, Didiayer seeks out unique organic dishes and chefs with a love for local fare.

And finally, the family embarks on a variety of adventures while experiencing the natural world at its best.

From Florida’s barrier reef to the mountainous peaks of Hawaii, Season 5 is set to inspire love and regard for the beauty of our great outdoors! 

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Available December 2021

UpLevel Collective, USA




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