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For Immediate Release

Max Nazaryan
802 Newton PH3, Seattle, WA 98109 USA
Phone (206) 285 2603
MIPCOM Booth 23.14

Disney Parks: the secrets, stories, and magic! 

John McLean Media brings a hot new Disney Parks title providing unprecedented behind-the-scenes looks for Disney fans everywhere to MIPCOM 2010 in Cannes

(Seattle, WA, USA)—
Seattle-based independent distributor John McLean Media is bringing Disney Parks to MIPCOM 2010 in Cannes, France.  Disney Parks is an unprecedented six-program series giving viewers special access to top attractions in Disney theme parks throughout the world.  With features shot in stunning HD, Disney Parks is a brand new release for 2010 that provides unprecedented insight into the technology, design, and “imagineering” that goes into every aspect of the Disney experience. 

“These programs are destined to create a splash with audiences around the world,” said John McLean, President of John McLean Media. “Disney Parks provides an in-depth journey though the immersive Disney experiences that children adore and adults remember fondly.  Plus, the HD is gorgeous and the production quality is top-notch!  It’s everything you would expect from Disney Parks!”

Disney fans in the United States have already thrilled to Disney Parks; it was released on DVD and Blu-ray in early 2010 by Questar Entertainment of Chicago and Burbank.

“Simply put, Disney Parks is the strongest-selling title we’ve ever had,” says Albert Nader, President of Questar.  “The response has been tremendous.  There are loyal Disney fans all over the world, and they are excited to learn about new parks, and keen to remember the ones they’ve already visited.  Disney Parks captivates Disney fans—young and old alike.  It will perfectly translate into a captivating TV experience.”

Officially licensed by Disney Parks and Resorts, LLC, and made with their full approval and cooperation, Disney Parks is the look-behind-the-scenes that Disney fans have been waiting for.

For more information about Disney Parks at MIPCOM, contact Max Nazaryan at John McLean Media at 206.285.2603, info@johnmcleanmedia.com, or at MIPCOM Booth 23.14.
For information about Questar, contact Scott Kenemore at 312 397 2184, or skenemore@questar1.com

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