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John McLean Media Distributor of quality television programming to USA domestic and international broadcast sattellite, cable and television stations
    Second Opinion
(78 x 30 mins) SD
  (111 x 30 mins) HDTV

[Episode Descriptions]


New in Season 14 - New Format (2017)

For the first time ever, Second Opinion introduces each patient in their own home environment to provide a personal look at the circumstances surrounding their medical condition. To help deepen the very human, personal storytelling, the patient later meets a panel of experts in the studio to continue the discussion. Season 14 also includes a live studio audience, which increases the energy in every episode. In addition, the series introduces a new field segment, “Medical Innovations,” that features doctors and researchers who are doing cutting-edge work in areas of diagnostics, treatment, and surgery. To close each episode, the patient shares advice from home, with a personal message to help people dealing with the disease or condition. Now more than ever, Second Opinion sets itself apart by being a trusted and accurate source for medical information—on air and online.

SECOND OPINION lets viewers see what they never have before – medical professionals engaged in honest, in-depth and often revealing discussions about life-changing medical decisions.  It’s the conversations doctors are having about their patients when their patients aren’t there. 

Hosted by Dr. Peter Salgo, each episode engages a panel of health care professionals – experts from various areas of medicine from around the U.S. – in carefully researched, real-life medical cases.  SECOND OPINION offers viewers vital medical information about a broad range of topics. Dr. Salgo is one of the most respected healthcare professionals in the country.  He is a practicing physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York and maintains a full-time practice in Intensive Care Medicine in the Open Heart ICU at Columbia.  He is also an Emmy Award-winning health and science correspondent for WCBS-TV in New York.

SECOND OPINION offers 30 minute episodes covering such topics as Dementia, Heart Failure, Cervical Cancer & HPV, Hypertension, Colon Cancer, Women’s Heart Health, Eating Disorders, Skin Cancer, Incontinence & Urine Leakage, Prostrate Cancer, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Menopause, Antibiotic Use, and Breast Cancer

SECOND OPINION brings together medical professionals in all fields of medicine and the related fields to have open and honest conversation around the case presented in each episode. 

SECOND OPINION breaks new ground with honest and open discussion on topics untouched on television, yet is the foremost in the lives of many families around the world.  It is the goal of SECOND OPINION to raise the level of public understanding of healthcare and medical issues in a way that engages viewers to take charge of their own health.  Who knows it may one day save a life.

SECOND OPINION airs across the United States on public television.  It has a strong following in many major cities and in rural and suburban areas as well.  It has been awarded the Outstanding Communicator Award in 2009 and has received multiple Telly Awards for excellence in television annually since 2008.

SECOND OPINION is a co-production of WXXI Public Broadcasting Council of Rochester, NY, West 175 Productions, Seattle, WA, and the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY.

 2004 - 2019
 West 175, USA 




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